Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glee's New York, New York Episode: Worst Moments

Oh Glee.  You know I love you.  But why must you open yourself up to SO much ridicule?  I swear you do it just to antagonize the Glee-haters, but it's so much work to defend you sometimes.  And when the "worst moments" outweight the "best moments" in a season finale, you're not making it easy on your fans.  Here are the worst moments in Glee's New York Episode.

Usually I love a good Glee mashup.  But I really didn’t like the New York mashup song.  Maybe it’s because I don’t recognize the original two songs.  It just sounded like a little bit of a mess.  Though I liked the sentiment of it and seeing the cast frolicking.  That fit.  And lol at Santana trying to seduce the cop. 

Jewish Elephants…Am I Missing Something?
“Can we just talk about the Jewish elephant in the room?”
I get it.  Puck is Jewish.  So is Rachel.  Usually reference to this is funny.  Was this supposed to be one of those times?  If so it didn’t work.

Sleepover Fantasy Sequence
Really, Ryan Murphy?  A pillow fight with teenage girls frolicking among the feathers?  REALLY?

Mathew Morrison’s Solo.  Again.
I find Matthew Morrison to be one of the most boring vocalists on the show.  I didn’t really realize it until he sang a song I didn’t know in the Broadway scene.  I dunno why.  I think he’s talented, and cute, but something about his voice just doesn’t do it for me.  Oh, and the last “tonight” he sang, when the music cut out was so painfully robotic.  I know we’re not going to see Autotune leave the show, but come on.

Bella Nolte Cliché
I love how Rachel walked by 4 of her classmates and said, “If only someone would serenade us now” as opposed to something along the lines of, “Hi guys, what are you doing here?”  Not only did she decide not to acknowledge them, she also forgot that they can sing.  What even WAS that?!  And not only that, but when Finn got turned down, they continued the song!  Hahaha, ouch! 

Angels in the Club?
The white frilly dresses SO did not fit the dance or Usher song.  I mean, the vocals on it were impressive and I’d love to know who did the vocals for them.  But I’d have dressed them different. 

Double Standards
Interesting that Rachel assumed just from the barf sound that it was her classmate.  And yet when she found out it was the opposition, she was suddenly smug.  “Shoving your finger down your throat like the rest of your brainwashed Vocal Adrenaline brothers and sisters?”  First of all, if Santana does do it, Rachel should know better that not everyone on her team does.  And second of all, when did eating disorders become hilarious?  Oh, right, around the same time teenage drinking became hilarious; I forgot. 

Dialogue Setup
When Sunshine turned to go, Rachel said, “Where are you going.”
The first thought that entered MY mind: back to my seat, obviously.  Or, “We’re on next.”  Either way, it was a dumb question for Rachel to ask; they’re in their show choir uniforms and performances are going on. 
But what does Sunshine respond with?  “The Philippine Embassy so I can get deported.”

More Bad Costumes
The second song of New Directions set for finals was really fun.  But I didn’t like their outfits either.  I know they’re high school kids, but these dresses are like frilly potato sacks.  They do nothing for their figures at all.  Put them all in shrugs like Lauren’s but give them dresses with a little darting.  And lose the witch boots, ugh.

Set Up for More Heartbreak
It was sweet when Finn told Rachel, “Graduation’s a year away.  Got any plans till then?”  Like he just accepted that this relationship has an expiration date.  If only it were that simple! 

Did you notice:

I’d swear Quinn wasn’t the only one who got a haircut during New Directions’ trip to New York.  When Rachel was with Finn in Central Park her bangs were down into her eyes.  When she was dressed in her show choir outfit they were well above.  If anything that headband should have been pushing them down. 

What is up with Sunshine and Rachel meeting up in the bathroom?  That’s where they sang their epic Telephone duet too.  I knew the whole looking at each other in the mirror bit seemed like been there done that.

Where did Finn get a snow globe to play with in the library?  I <3 NY souvenir?