Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glee's New York Episode: Best One Liners

Glee's season finale for season 2 had them flying to New York City to compete in the regional competition.  As usual, the characters got some great one liners!

In Manhattan
"Do you even know what’s IN a Manhattan?" 
"Yeah, me.  For the first time.  That’s why I want to celebrate with a cocktail."

The City of Love
“We’re in New York.  The city of LOVE.”
“I thought that was Paris.”
Now the reason I loved this one liner isn’t because it reinforced the fact that Puck is dumb.  We get that, and it wasn’t that clever.  I liked this exchange because it was true to JESSE’S character.  “I’m pretty but I’m not dumb.”  He doesn’t have very many lines either, but when he does, they’re not wasted.  I wasn’t a Jesse fan to begin with but he’s winning me over.

Dot your I's.
"They say if you get arrested in a theater you get blackballed for life!"

Thanks, but No Thanks.
“I think I know how to make you feel better.”
“I’m flattered Santana but I’m really not that into that.”
Why is Santana so afraid of coming out; they already know and don’t really care, hehe.

Shuester’s Evil Opposite
a.  "I hate my kids.  I would literally whip them if I could.  Every time I see them ACHIEVING."

b.  "They’re hideous.  My kids are at least attractive; yours look like they haven’t been baked properly."

c.  "You’re tearing up.  People are starting to stare.  I bet they think I just broke up with you." 

And finally, there was just one one-liner that I’m hoping someone out there can explain to me:

I didn’t understand this reference:  “I feel like Eloise,” and Brittany said, “I posed for that.”

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