Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glee's New York Episode: Best Moments

It's the season finale for Glee's season 2, so of course there had to be some real gems.  And there certainly were :)  Funny moments, heartwarming moments, and a few of the best songs of the season.  Here are the best moments in Glee's New York Episode.

Rhapsody in Blue
Enough said.  It’s just a great song.  And nice camerawork of the city to enhance it.  Great opener.

Real Voices
How weird was it to hear the cast sing (New York New York) sounding like a regular group of kids in high school who hadn’t warmed up their voices yet instead of a highly produced track.  I accept Auto-tune being used on the show (90% of the time) but this was a rare raw moment. 

Shuester’s newsie hat
Worse than wearing a T-shirt with “tourist” written in bold letters, but he rocked it so I forgive him.

My Cup
And the dropped jaws that resulted.  This from the girl who said her favorite song was “My Headband.”

New York Embraces Rachel Berry: Parts A, B and C
a.  I loved that Patty Lupone was so sweet to Rachel instead of doing a diva-y character : )  “I was in show choir once!  It was my favorite class!” 

b.  That scene of Rachel and Kurt having breakfast at Tiffany’s.  So cute : )  Plus Rachel, Kurt and Blaine going to college in New York…do I hear a spinoff?  PLEASE!?

c.  “You’ve got some big Broadway dream of singing a song on some big Broadway stage.”
“I’m sorry we…”
“You got 15 minutes.”
Aww, first Patty Lupone and then Broadway custodian.  So much for New Yorkers being rude!  They all seem to love Miss Rachel Berry!

Totally Wicked Duet
First of all, Kurt singing Christen Chenoweth’s part when Will is thinking of leaving them to go sing with her is such a cool twist.  It made me so excited for the impending Rachel-Kurt duet that has been lacking for SO long, since Kurt when to Dalton Academy, that I didn’t even mind the fact that Kurt could change the set of Wicked with a flick of his wrist.  In the moment it was less ridiculous than the previous Lady and the Tramp scene with Finn.  I just chalked it up to the magic of the Glee universe.

Quinn Rage
Quinn is the character I love to hate.  With more and more emphasis on the love these last 2 episodes.  WOW.  She’s always got that super-saccharine voice.  So when she completely loses it and starts shouting it’s terrifying!  This is a girl who feels like she has nothing.  A girl who’s been on top at this school and just keeps loses everything.  It’s clear why she keeps having these meltdowns.  She feels like she’s fighting for her life once she feels her status slipping away.  She refuses to stay down.  But that pressure she puts on herself is too much.

That moment when Puck puts the bear hug on Mr. Schue J  It was like To Sir with Love all over again <3

The Song and the Kiss
I loved the original song for Finn and Rachel.  And I didn’t think the kiss was going to cost them the title!  I mean, looking back I guess it was a little much.  But I agree with Finn, that kiss was the Superman of kisses and came with its own cape.  Maybe he didn’t used to see fireworks with her, just Quinn, but I think he saw them this time.  Seems Finn only wants what he can’t have!  As much as I wanted them together, I’m really annoyed with Finn about that.  Good for Rachel saying earlier, “You know what?  Career first.” 

Rose Colored Lenses
Kurt retelling all the drama to Blaine.  And what was with Santana switching over to Spanish?  Does Ryan Murphy think it sounds angrier than English, because I don’t think Rachel (who it was aimed at) or the other kids understood her.  But it was so sweet how content Kurt was to just have the experience : ) 

New Couple
Blaine and Mercedes, aww : )  Thinking back to when he told her at prom that she looked beautiful and asked her to dance.  Yeah, I guess this wasn’t out of the blue.  Although Sam going from being a suspected homosexual to dating Quinn to dating Mercedes…this kid does not have a set “type,” does he?  Even putting race and body type aside; these two girls have very different personalities. 

One of Us
Brittany’s speech on how much she loves everyone in the club.  Aww.  “When did you get so smart?”  Far cry from Artie calling her stupid.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glee's New York Episode: Best One Liners

Glee's season finale for season 2 had them flying to New York City to compete in the regional competition.  As usual, the characters got some great one liners!

In Manhattan
"Do you even know what’s IN a Manhattan?" 
"Yeah, me.  For the first time.  That’s why I want to celebrate with a cocktail."

The City of Love
“We’re in New York.  The city of LOVE.”
“I thought that was Paris.”
Now the reason I loved this one liner isn’t because it reinforced the fact that Puck is dumb.  We get that, and it wasn’t that clever.  I liked this exchange because it was true to JESSE’S character.  “I’m pretty but I’m not dumb.”  He doesn’t have very many lines either, but when he does, they’re not wasted.  I wasn’t a Jesse fan to begin with but he’s winning me over.

Dot your I's.
"They say if you get arrested in a theater you get blackballed for life!"

Thanks, but No Thanks.
“I think I know how to make you feel better.”
“I’m flattered Santana but I’m really not that into that.”
Why is Santana so afraid of coming out; they already know and don’t really care, hehe.

Shuester’s Evil Opposite
a.  "I hate my kids.  I would literally whip them if I could.  Every time I see them ACHIEVING."

b.  "They’re hideous.  My kids are at least attractive; yours look like they haven’t been baked properly."

c.  "You’re tearing up.  People are starting to stare.  I bet they think I just broke up with you." 

And finally, there was just one one-liner that I’m hoping someone out there can explain to me:

I didn’t understand this reference:  “I feel like Eloise,” and Brittany said, “I posed for that.”