Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glee's Sexy Episode: Worst Moments

 It's never a good sign when my "worst of" post for an episode is double the length of my "best of" post for an episode, but I'm not going to gloss over the problems of the series.  In a way I like the problems of the show almost as much as I love the best moments of the show.  That's what makes the show so unpredictable.  And when it comes to drama, things shouldn't unfold like clockwork because life can get messy, and people make mistakes.  So here are my worst moments of Glee's Sexy episode.

Will forgets Emma’s name
Really?  I know Holly has legs up to her neck and is wearing a short skirt in this scene, but that was super dorky. 

And speaking of STDs, how is your dating life
Really, Holly?  Is that the best you can do for a pickup line?  I mean, I’m all for being safe and responsible and opening lines of communication, but he should at least buy you dinner first.  I dunno, maybe I’m being old fashioned.

Holly calls Rachel frigid
This was disgusting.  Along with using “Do You Wanna Touch” to help teach sex ed and giving Artie a lap dance.  These are kids.  Shame on you, Holly. 

Meeting the girls in a warehouse with perfect risers
This isn’t the first time I watched Glee and thought, “Wait, WHERE are they?”  Did I miss something, or did the boys invite the girls to an abandoned warehouse?  And the girls lined up perfectly to hear the introduction before the rave started…it was all very, very strange.  And the scaffolding just happened to make perfect risers for the guys to dance on.  And where did the balls and bubble machines come from?  I couldn’t get into this number.  Too surreal, even for Glee. 

Afternoon Delight
Why did Carl sing this song with Emma and the kids?  Emma didn’t know what it meant but he did.  He just kept quiet about it until AFTER he sees Holly explain to Emma that it’s about a nooner.  Come on. 

Blaine going to Burt’s place of work, talking about gay sex
I put this in my “best of” list too, for different reasons.  Although it was big of Blaine to want to help Kurt, WHY would he go to the shop for this discussion?  Seriously?  He knows where Kurt lives.  I’m guessing he has the house number.  And even if he didn’t, he couldn’t say, “Hey Mr. Hummel, I need to talk to you about Kurt.  When do you get off of work?”  Gay or straight, a car shop (or any public work place) doesn’t seem like the right venue for a coming of age discussion. 

Santana’s rejection
I HATED (in a good way?) when Santana got vulnerable and Brittany told her that yes, she loves her, but she loves Artie too and won’t break up with him.  I hate it.  I like that we get more character development from Santana, I like that she’s not just one dimensional: angry, and she’s so mean that in a way it’s nice to see her get a slap in the face.  But I don’t want her going soft.  I don’t want her mellowing out.  I don’t want her to become withdrawn over a broken heart, and now she has no one.  Sure she could stay with Sam for appearances, but she already knows that’s not working.  And she can’t heal because Brittany is stringing her along now, saying if things don’t work out with Artie then sure.  Ugh.  One of those moments that had to happen; if there was no conflict in the show it would be dull, but it was uncomfortable viewing.

Puck:  I used to think not thinking about consequences made me cool, but now I think it makes me a loser.
Again, character development is great, but we have Santana AND Puck going soft at the same time?  First Sue, then Quinn got mushy and settled down with Sam, and now this?  I dunno.  Who’s left?  I want an angry, spiteful character or Glee will not be the same.  And if a character with a Shakespearean name like Puck stops being the loveable villain it’s not looking good. 

Rachel:  She decided to take the hour dedicated to Celibacy club to fix her sham of a marriage. 
Word really does get around.  How did Rachel learn this?  And while we’re on the topic of this Celibacy Club scene, when did Brit and Artie join?  And, well, everyone?  I know, in season 1 most of them were in it, but it was just Rachel and Quinn the previous meeting so this seemed discontinuous. 

Prom king and queen pillow talk
At least Finn smelled a rat, but still.  BOO QUINN, BOO!  And did you notice when he asked, “that’s not all this is about though, right?”  She didn’t say “of course not, we’re together because I love you.” She said “I made a mistake with Puck.”  Well duh.  But that didn’t answer the question.  And she did choose Sam so Finn’s getting sloppy seconds after he dumped her.  Finn:  you’re dumb.  Sweet, formerly an upstanding guy, but such a sucker.    

What do you think?  Were these as cringe-worthy for you as they were for me?  Did I miss any of the worst moments of the show?  Let me know.

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