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Glee's Sexy Episode: Most Controversial and Confusing Moments

This episode of Glee was slightly controversial, but for me, it was also pretty confusing.  And since I think that controversies typically occur when things are not cut and dry, I'm naming this Glee Episode Chat "The most controversial and confusing moments of Glee's Sexy Episode."  I hope you readers can clear some things up for me. 

I don’t really understand what the song "Landslide" is about.  Brittany asks “Is that really how you feel?”  Is WHAT really how you feel?  Landslide = losing control, right?  The line, “What is love” has to do with questioning her sexuality, I assume.  I get the sense that Brittnay understands that Santana is confused, because to me the song is about confusion (but also hope).  So why does she seem so happy when they finish this song?  Because Santana is thinking about it instead of still being very surface?

Sapphic charm? 
This was controversial because some feel it was homophobic for Rachel to be flippant about a song about lesbians (and actually, IS the song about lesbians, or just sung by them?), but I didn’t see it that way.  I think Rachel was being condescending in that line, but that’s just how she is.  “I know a big word: Sapphic.”  “I’m all into theater, brava brava.”  It wasn’t an eye-rolling moment for her, and I don’t think she was making fun of Santana for being gay.  It seems to me that Rachel is very much into civil rights because of the way she was raised: a proud (and litigious) gay, biracial, Jewish family.  On the other hand, I was a little surprised Santana knew what the word meant (I didn’t).  I guess it’s entirely possible that she’s spent time looking around online and came across it.  I’m surprised Rachel knew it.  Sure her dads are gay but that doesn’t explain it really. 

Our girlfriends are such good friends; I wish we were that close. 
Sam’s new, so all right.  But Artie knows that Brittany fools around with Santana.  He was there when she revealed on the phone, “If sex means dating, that would mean Santana and I are dating.”  Sure enough, Artie gave Sam a SLIGHT look.  So I’m wondering:  is Artie cool with this?  Does he know that they still fool around, or does he assume it’s ended since they’re in a committed relationship? 

Don’t put a label on me.
Some people are angry that Santana admitted that she loves Brittnay, but she refuses to admit that she’s a lesbian or bisexual.  I say give her a break.  She’s a kid.  It’s still confusing for her, and it doesn’t help that the girl she’s interested in is dating a boy.    

Santana:  And Brittany, I can’t go to an Indigo Girls concert, I just can’t. 
Brittany:  I understand that.
These lines are part of a very sensitive, emotional scene, that Santana is coming out.  And if it was anyone else, it would seem to me that they were speaking metaphorically.  But the combination of Santana being a confused kid, not terribly smart, AND really edgy, I found it funny.  Like she was literally saying “they are so lame and if I have to like them in order to be a lesbian then I don’t want to be a lesbian.”  And Brittany supports her, in my mind, as if to say “Well obviously, they’re awful.”  I love when the writers leave things like this up to the audience to figure out exactly what way it was intended.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say?
I also don’t understand why Brittany says she doesn’t understand what Santana is trying to say, when she says she’s angry that she has all these feelings for Brittany.  Obviously Brittnay’s dumb, we get that.  But she DID seem to understand with the song, which I don’t think I grasped the full meaning of!  I mean, I know a lesbian sings this song, and it’s a lesbian anthem of sorts, but I don’t know exactly what it’s about.  I think it’s open to a lot of different interpretations, although it’s ultimately empowering. 

And what of Brittnay?  What IS her deal?  She’s bi, but Santana is gay?  (I know, I know, Santana doesn’t like labels.  Sorry).  Is the story going to go into polygamy?  Brittnay seems open to that, Artie is either fine with it or in the dark that they’ve continued seeing each other.  I don’t think there’s any way Santana can handle it though.  No WAY.  She’s been loose with the boys up until this point ("Do what I do: never say no").  But now that she’s been vulnerable and put it all on the line for Brittnay, only to hear “I love you BUT…” there is no way she’s going to want to share.  Even when Santana was not dating Puck she was possessive.  She’d be more so with the one she loves.  

What do you think about each of these scenes?  And can anyone out there help me out and explain more about "Landslide?"  It was a beautiful performance, I just feel like I'm missing something in my ignorance about the meaning.  

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