Friday, March 11, 2011

Glee's Sexy Episode: Best One Liners

As expected, Glee's Sexy Episode delivered plenty of funny one-liners.  Here are my favorites:

Emma:  For those that are terrified of the hose monster…
Oh dear.  If she wasn’t interested in getting a bit of hose monster, why did she marry the guy?  And also, how is it that she’s perfectly comfortable admitting this to the teenage girls she’s paid to help?  How does she not see that she needs some help? 

Wait, cucumbers can give you AIDS?  Seriously because I just had some on my salad for lunch.
I guess it makes sense that the kids of Lima, Ohio were confused.  I assumed part of the reason Quinn got pregnant was her religion doesn’t allow birth control.  And I’ve met some pretty ignorant young people (a guy in college who had no idea where babies come from).  So this DID seem funny and not over the top silly to me!

Brittany:  I know I’m pregnant because I saw a stork outside my window…
I know it’s Brittany.  But how did she not know about this stuff after Quinn’s ordeal?  Really?  When Brittany said this I wanted to say to her, “You KNOW the writers already covered that story arc, there’s no way you’re pregnant too, sweetie.”  The only funny part of this bit was the horrified look on Rachel’s face when Brittany was explaining. 

Holly:  “Is it true you thought you got your girlfriend pregnant via hot tub?”
Finn:  “I have always been dubious.”
I can’t help but think that he meant to say “oblivious,” but once again his poor vocabulary failed him!  Is it just me?

Sue:  Sweet, sweet porcelain
SECOND time Sue’s called Kurt that, haha.  I miss when she used to call him “lady.”  I didn’t think he minded, seeing as how he kept going over to the girl’s side every time Schue called for a mashup.  But ever since he reported the bullying I guess she realized this was maybe crossing a line.  And somehow this is more of a compliment.  Maybe.

The Lima Bean 
When I first saw this poster I didn’t get it.  It’s a coffee shop.  Shouldn’t it be a coffee bean, not a lima bean?  And then I got it:  Lima, Ohio!  The name of the coffee shop that Kurt and Blaine frequent is the Lima Bean!  So cute! 

Puck:  "Three chicks and me is just a typical Saturday night in the Puckerman bedroom, it’s not the best balance for singing."
Enough said.

Holly:  "My lips are sealed, just like your legs.  Kidding!  God, that was rude.  See a real doctor would not have said that."
When Holly said that first line, I was appalled.  But when she ADMITTED that was rude, I cracked up.  At least she realized it!

Lauren: “Nerd.” 
Puck: “Whoa!  Why you gotta hate?”
I just love Puck.  

Puck:  "I like you Lauren.  I like wooing you.  Next to dropping my afternoon deuce it’s my favorite part of the day."
It’s the simple pleasures in life, isn’t it?

What were your simple pleasures from Glee’s Sexy Episode?

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