Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glee's Sexy Episode: Best Moments

This episode had some great moments.  Guest star Gwenyth Paltrow as the substitute has some off the wall methods, but proves that deep down she wants to help the kids.  Burt continues to be super-dad to Kurt.  And the developments between Brittany and Santana provide the main plot for this episode.  So here are the best moments, in my opinion, of Glee's "Sexy" Episode.

Too Risqué Even for Holly Holiday
I LOVE how smooth Holly Holiday was when she interrupted Puck and Lauren doing their…research.  She didn’t miss a beat when Lauren said how when you look as good as her you want to flaunt it.  She applauds them for their ambition.  But she does not pull her punches when she tells them that they are underage and this is therefore illegal. With a name like “Holly Holiday” I’m thinking there’s a reason she seems so comfortable and learned when it comes to the pros and cons of this sort of videography… 

Blaine going to Burt’s place of work, talking about gay sex
It was really big of Blaine to go to Kurt’s dad over his concerns.  In a way it made me sad that he was this mature instead of wanting to “teach” Kurt in time once he was more comfortable.  This seemed more platonic and not romantic and that’s a shame. Also funny was Burt looking around nervously, clearly cringing at the thought of one of the guys hearing this conversation. 

Santana getting weepy during Landslide
The first time Santana broke down like this was when glee club was nearly canceled, and the New Directions sang “To Sir, With Love.”  I cried as she sang “You taught me right from wrong, and weak from strong.  That’s a lot to learn.”  She’s become overcome a few times since then: when the whole group ganged up on her for being mean all the time, when she got drunk at the party, and now that she sang a meaningful song to Brittany. 

Papa bear does it again
I thought Burt’s sex talk with Kurt was really amazing.  When Kurt told him to “educate himself,” I though he was being harsh, but Burt proved me wrong.  Good parents can do just that.  He talked to Kurt about respect as well as the fun time.  “It’s worse because with 2 guys they’re both thinking it’s just fun…But it does something to you, to your heart, to your self esteem…Use it as a way to connect to another person.  Don’t throw yourself around like you don’t matter, because you do matter, Kurt.”  Beautiful. 

Makeup (or method acting?)
I love how tired and upset the girls looked during the Landslide number.  The dark circles, the drawn faces.  So moving and hard to watch.  Stevie Nicks said in a behind the scenes interview that she wrote it as a young woman (25) looking at her whole life ahead of her.  So again, I think the song is more about confusion than answers.  And these girls both looked like this was really hard for them.  But when it was over, Brittney was glad that Santana was willing to admit she was confused, and not all cool and edgy. 

Will ends up with Holly
Oh don’t get me wrong, I want him and Emma to somehow get back together.  I just don’t understand how that's going to happen because I don’t like the idea of a quickie divorce nor do I like the idea of adultery.  But regardless, it's good that Will found a rebound relationship since Emma hurt Will.  Emma needed this thing to happen as a reason to get jealous to help her figure out what she wants.  So just like the Emma and Carl aren’t working out, the Will and Holly thing won’t work either, of course (does anyone really believe for a minute that Gwenyth is going to give up movies and become a TV regular?).  At first glance this couple doesn’t even make sense because she doesn’t at all seem to be Will’s type.  Just compare sweet, tiny lamb Emma with leggy, in your face Holly.  However, they do both have a quirky side.  Plus they both do have a fire inside for helping the kids who really need it.  So I am starting to get it.  Still won’t last though, hah.  

Your thoughts?
What did you think of each of these developments?  Did you have any other favorite moments of Glee's Sexy episode?  Let me know.

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