Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Worst Moments

In this episode, most of what I called “worst” was actually kind of great.  Whether it was reaffirming why a character deserves my hatred, or suspended the plot for the sake of a great musical number, even though they were the worst moments I wouldn’t have wanted them to be done any differently.  

Kurt looking totally bored, and even annoyed with Blaine and the warblers. 
I mean, good for him for not mooning over the guy after he rejected him, but it still seemed a little odd.  He said that their number was “nothing new.”  I disagree; I loved the percussion they added, I thought that part WAS new.  I dunno, maybe I’m cool with Blaine getting all the solos because I know the actual vocalists (The Beelzebubs of Tufts University) aren’t shown on screen.  So I’m over it; none of those other on screen faces will be featured.

Quinn’s inner monologue
It’s no wonder why I hate her.  Her priorities are foreign to me, and she seems to not understand how much women can achieve.  Here she is thinking, “You’re smarrrrt, and super PRETTY, and relatively SANE for a girl.”  And then later, “Prom queens live, on average, 5 years longer than regular people.”  Wow.  So that’s how she justifies her priorities.  Longer life span?  Aye yi yi.   

This is a Kangaroo Court!
It cracks me up how froo-froo the private school boys act.  Here they are arguing over whether they should wear their traditional blazers or go wild and crazy and wear red with blue piping instead of blue with red piping.  OUTRAGEOUS.  Why do the writers make the Dalton schoolboys so flat and stereotypical?  It makes it a little TOO predicable that Kurt won’t be there forever.  There will be no missing the Warblers when they’re finished on the show (other than their music, of course). 

Kurt as the chosen one
So great for us Kurt fans, but it was totally out of the blue that they all accepted Kurt as the one to sing with Blaine.  I get that they’re all Blaine lackeys, but really?  The Blaine-butt-kissing goes so far that they don’t even ask to audition when he says he wants to sing with Kurt?  Or is part of it, as Finn said earlier to Kurt, “I don’t think I can sing to a dude.”

Wasn’t I the one who supported Rachel’s crazy original song idea?
Yeah, that was cool, by the way.
Poor dumb Finn as usual.  Didn’t see a red flag that his always conniving love interest publically supported an idea that she believes to be crazy. 

“It’s called Big Ass…Heart”
First of all, I’m not exactly sure why Lauren liked this song better than Fat Bottomed Girls.  Yes, it’s a compliment to be told you have a “big heart.”  But it was pretty clear that that’s not ALL this song was about.  “When she shops for groceries, her heart gets its own cart…When that big ass heart flies coach it has to pay for 2 plane tickets.”  It was a really fun song, and I really enjoyed it.  I just don’t understand her reaction. 

“I’m sorry Kurt, this must be really upsetting.  It reminds you of your mom’s funeral, doesn’t it?
Give me a break!  He just compared…not just the death of a human to one of a bird, but the boy’s MOM?!  Blaine, REALLY!?

What were your least favorite moments?

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