Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Funniest One Liners

“I’m going to write an awesome original heterosexual song”
This made me chuckle.  Santana just has a way with words, and can make anything sound angry and funny.

“I don’t even remember putting that in there”
Maybe Brittany should start making a note of when she does and does not fill her locker to the top with dirt?  Or just look over her shoulder to see if Sue’s standing there with a smirk. 

Wait what’s it called? 
“Trouty Mouth”
This song is HILARIOUS.  So sultry, but offensive.  And Sam’s so horrified!  Then Mike looks over at him suppressing a laugh.  This was even more awkward than “Fat Bottomed Girls.”  At least Lauren seems proud of her curves.  Sam is self conscious through and through. 

"Whoa.  Scary Quinn.  All right." 
She so deserved that.  Although I have to say, as much as I hate Quinn, and hate that now she’s using Finn for the prom couple votes the way she used him for a baby-daddy, I have to agree with her on one point.  Secret relationships?  No thank you.  Sparing some other girl’s feelings?  It does the opposite.  And it says bad things about Finn’s commitment.  Not that I want him to be with Quinn, but still.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Cut her loose already.

“My hairdresser (Shatnerian pause) is a gay.  And he’s been with his partner for 15 years, and he is also (pauses again) a hairdresser.” 
Pretty sure this is a very old joke, but the delivery of it was cute.

"I had to Twitter that Obama’s a terrorist." 
"Oh no you didn’t!"
I love that they put Kathy Griffin, a gay icon, in this conservative role.  The irony made it ten times funnier than if they had a randomer.  The only way this could have been better was if Tina Fey had been available. 

“My husband is verbally abusive and I have been drinking since noon.  I’m bored, let’s just see who won, huh?”
Way to build up the moment!  I love that it’s become a running joke that the Regionals judges and staff either don’t care AT ALL about the proceedings, or they focus on everything but the singing ability of the groups.  Here the kids are, caring SO much, and it just goes so show, winning doesn’t matter.  It’s the journey.  Oh crap, now I’m quoting the Schue. 

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