Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Did You Notice?

This is the first episode that had so many little extras in it that I felt compelled to separate out the "Did you notice" into its own post.  Maybe it's because it is the final show before the hiatus, but it seemed like it had extra layers throughout.  So, when you were watching this episode of Glee, did you notice:

Copyright infringement
Sue raises an interesting point in this episode, regarding “My Chemical Romance” sending cease and desist letter.  I’d just read a blog about high schools and copyright infractions for their performances.  I wonder sometimes how social media impacts the show.  Using “Furt” for the shippers, “Frankenteen” for the Tweeters, etc. 

Where did those candles come from for Kurt and Blaine’s number?

Raise Your Glass
When Kurt “Raised Your Glass,” he had his pinky extended!  Ah ha ha!

Get it Right
Rachel’s song started out as haunting as Amy Lee, before going Broadway.  Not that there’s anything wrong with show tunes!  But it was such a great surprise at first. 

I’m not 100% sure, but I think they had the actor who plays Karofsky in the front row.

Number one
Not all the “loser hands” had the thumb extended.  Some were just “Number One” hands.  Aww, disappointing. 

Rod Reddington’s title was simply, “Gadabout.”  Um.  What IS a gadabout? 

Did you notice those things too?  Anything else pique your interest that I missed?

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