Friday, March 25, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Best Moments

This was a fantastic episode.  It better be, because it was the final before their (MUCH too long) hiatus.  Here are my favorite moments of the Original Song episode.

Kurt admitting that he’s jealous
Even though it seemed odd for me when Kurt criticized Blaine for hogging the solos, I give him props for admitting it. 

Rachel’s second song writing attempt. 
First, Rachel calls Finn back in to hear it, and she hands him a box of tissues, “Just in case.”  LOVE her confidence.  Especially when he basically told her to get a life the last time.  Then the song’s conclusion, that she’s “the only Berry on my family tree,”  Had me laughing.  And finally, if the chorus didn’t give it away she explains to Finn, “It’s called Only Child.”  “Yeah, I got that.”

Although I thought it was a little odd the way Kurt lost it over the canary dying, I looked past it because I feared the other Warblers would think he was a jinx for killing their mascot.  And his line, “I know we need to practice doo-opping behind Blaine,” was classic catty-quippy Kurt.  Again, I was disappointed he criticized the guy he’s crazy about (especially publically!) but that beautiful solo it lead to made up for it.  How I’ve missed Kurt solos!  And it was so pretty, even in his alto range.  He hasn’t sung that low since Melancamp. 

The Blaine-Kurt kiss
Finally!  I love that Kurt said, like, nothing.  Just drank in Blaine’s touching speech.  So sweet. 

Schue asked the kids what their favorite song is.  The kids rattle off many classics, and Brittany offers:  “My headband.”  “And what are all these songs about,” Will asks? “Headbands.”  How can you not love Brittany? 

“Do you want to know how this story plays out?  I get Finn; you get heartbroken.”
And then Quinn goes on to say how they will have mundane lives and all Finn will amount to is taking over stepdad’s tire shop.  Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with owning a shop; I think Burt is a successful guy, but can’t Finn have and attain his OWN dream?  He’s not bright but he has a way with people.  Rachel sees that and fosters it.  Quinn just uses  him.  No likey.  At least she alludes to the fact that Rachel’s destined for bigger things.  And she almost sounded like she was giving her advice on how to find happiness.  But still ouch.  One of the most powerful moments of the episode, I loved it.  Quinn is one of those characters you just love to hate. 

The judges
I cringed SO MUCH when they showed the nun and conservative!  Sue had just said she created a songlist tailored for them.  So suddenly I had the rest of the show written in my head.  Here’s the outline for my never to be written fan-fiction:
  • Aural Intensity sings lots of songs about Jesus.  The judges love them.
  • The Warblers come on stage and Blaine and Kurt sing a tender duet, exchanging meaningful looks, and the judges rant about how wrong it was.
  • The New Directions song goes okay, but when they find out about the unfair treatment of their former classmate Kurt, they protest.  Maybe quit the competition, or something.  Maybe even Sue quits too, because Sweet Porcelain is the only kid other than Becky that she seemed to like at McKinnley. 
  • I get sad that the New Directions performance was going to be overshadowed by, well, non music type subplot taking over.  Even though it would be cool to see them reach out to Kurt like that.
Well, in the 2 minutes it took me to come up with that storyline, Aural Intensity’s song about Jesus was over, and we learned that Sue was wrong, and she did NOT have a majority of pious judges.  Nun and former exotic dancer?  Haha.  I kind of love it when I’m wrong.  This show does an awesome job of keeping me guessing.  (Though I was right about the Jesus song.  And the nun DID sort of pick on the “gay school, or school that appears gay.”  Kathy Griffin’s character did too, obviously.)

L is for gLeek
Kurt whipping out the foam loser fingers was pretty much the highlight of the show.  The whole audience doing the gLeek loser fingers, wow.  What a fun logo and subsequent product placement THAT was!  And then Mike Chang (by the way, why does everyone have to refer to him by first and last name on the show?  They’ve even got me doing it now) wheels out the Slushie cart.  It took me a moment to get the joke, but WOW.  Really clever. 

The win
Obviously.  Rachel hopping around, Sue looking like she sucked a lemon (and subsequently punched the presenter).  The “loser” kids being vindicated and enjoying victory after wanting it so badly.  Yay. 

Rachel got her star. 
And by unanimous vote, wow.  The two things she’s always wanted.  Acceptance from her peers, recognition for her talent, and the symbol that she’s always associated with it.  Very touching.  She didn’t get the guy, but what she did get was pretty huge.  And I really like that.  The show is mostly about romantic relationships, and I do feel invested in them.  But it was pretty great seeing that that’s not the be all and end all when it comes to high school life.  

What were your favorite moments?

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