Friday, February 18, 2011

One Liners from the Glee Comeback Episode

Fortunately ever since Glee returned from its hiatus it has returned to its previous, season one glory.  The “Comeback” episode is filled with great one liners from Brittany and Sue, plus one more sassy gal who is starting to steal the show, despite being nothing but a lackey during season one.  Here are my favorite one liners from Glee’s Comeback episode.

 So sorry for not being sorry for interrupting.

Would you mind if I borrowed one of your rafters so I could hang myself?  I did a test run back in my office and you know what?  There’s asbestos up there.  And that can kill a person.

“I agree with Spongehair Squarechin.”
And the award for the perfect zing goes to…no surprise:  Sue Sylvester.  This one liner had it all.  The classic Will-hair dig.  The pop culture reference.  And just to be innovative, she threw in a dig about a new physical feature: the chin.  She admitted she mocks his hair because she’s jealous of it.  I’m certain the jokes about the chin are also sour grapes. 

Who can tell us what an anthem is?
The bottom of an ant’s pants?
Now wait a minute.  I thought Brittany was supposed to be dumb?  Think about this though, Will didn’t WRITE “ant hem.”  In which case her comment would have been funny in a dumb-blond sort of way.  No, he said “anthem,” which sounds nothing like “ant hem.”  She would have had to visualize the letters pretty quick to come up with that little gem.  The writers goofed up with that blond joke!

“I’ve gotta get that girl on ma Cheerios.”
Haha, Sam is the new Sweet Porcelain for Sue. 
First of all, that is offensive.  He shot Martian Luther King.
Um.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t.  Santana’s always the nastier of the Britana duo, and Brittany’s the dumb one.  This time though, I’m not sure that Brittany’s the ONLY dumb one.

You get the chance to show that pastry bag Finn that you can’t mess with Sam Evans.  And not just because you can unlock that enormous jaw and swallow him whole like a python.
What do Puck and Santana have in common besides loose morals?  That would be fascination with Sam’s mouth.  Whether it stems from disdain, disbelief or desire I’m not sure, but they just can’t seem to look away.  It’s like Sue and Will’s hair.

"I have to go get my cross trainers.  You wanna know why?  I’m gonna be doing some runs.” 
*Rim shot*

"If I was a country, my flag would be a fist giving the rest of the world the finger, and this would be my national anthem...”
The writers on this show have such an interesting view of men and women.  The women are overly confident to a fault.  Look at Sue: her winning streak and determination to take Will down.  Look at Quinn, fighting her way back to head cheerleader and prepared to step on everyone to get there.  Look at Rachel, who knows she exudes talent but can’t shut up about it long enough to be, you know, friendly.  And now we have Lauren, who’s made it clear that she doesn’t need anybody’s approval.  Hilarious.

This episode was just as surreal as always.   
I know I’m the hottest ***** in this joint. 
See above?

What were your favorite one liners from the show?

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