Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Episode: Worst Moments

Even though Glee's Superbowl episode was amazing, there were some real problems with it.  And not just the typical pacing (like why did the football episode follow the Christmas episode?) but real holes in the plot, and questionable character development (or lack thereof).  Here are the 5 worst parts of the Superbowl episode.

Chicken Cutlets
When Santana got a breast enhancement at the beginning of the season, Sue had a serious talk with her about how decisions you make when you’re young can impact the rest of your life.  She punishes her by bringing Quinn back as head cheerleader, demoting her, and putting her at the bottom of the pyramid.  And yet, in this episode she tells the rest of the girls they need to wear “chicken cutlets.”  True, falsies aren’t altering your body for life, but something about this (implying that none of the girls had big enough chests except for Santana, perhaps) seemed very wrong.  And while Sue is never the model teacher, consistency in her principles (even misguided ones) would be nice. 

Finn Dropped the Ball
I don’t mean when he literally dropped the ball.  I mean 2 minutes before that.  When he pointed out that Karofsky is always calling everyone else gay, but never had a girlfriend, Karofsky delivers a thinly veiled threat, “I hope that linebacker doesn’t get past me because it would hurt to get knocked down by HIM.”  Finn’s got good people skills.  He should have said, “I’d hate that too, because then everyone in this huddle would know you let down the team for the sake of a vendetta against me.”  Come on Finn.  Sure it would have ended the episode right there, but COME ON.

The Teachers’ Motivation
End the bullying because it’s good for the community, not for the kids.  The football team needs to win.  Never mind kids are leaving because their lives have been threatened.  No, up until hearing that a winning team will make the streets cleaner and create a sense of pride, Shue told Beiste that the bullying is, “Just the way it’s always been.”   Thanks for uniting in order to build empathy and tolerance between the cliques, but you did it for the wrong reason.

Cheerleader’s Choice
Quinn says after their big zombie camp scene “If we miss the halftime show then we’re off the Glee club.”  Did I miss something?  Or did Shue never give them that ultimatum?  It doesn’t sound like something he’d do.  It’s not like they had show choir Regionals on the same night as the cheerleading competition (then I’d understand the dilemma).  No, the half time show would have been FUN, but if they wanted to go to the cheerleading competition they definitely could have (until Sue gave them resignation letter, but really, Shue would have let them back the next day).  Well, Quinn and Santana could have.  Brittney would have been killed when Sue fired her out of a cannon so if she was smart (oops) she had no choice but to do the halftime show. 

The Kiss
Oh Quinn, Quinn, Quinn.  We almost started to respect you, the way you handled the tough decisions you made during your pregnancy.  We almost felt happy for you that cute little Sam was so smitten with you, because you’re just so cute together.  And then you go stepping out on your man AGAIN!  Didn’t learn your lesson, did you?  And WORSE: messing with poor Finn’s head again!  He dumped you, and rightly so, you broke his heart.  When Rachel paid you to proposition him back when they were dating, he rejected you AGAIN.  Leave the poor guy alone.

What did you think of these events?  Was there anything else that you hated in this episode?  

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