Monday, February 7, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Episode: Most Inspiring Moments

Glee's Superbowl episode was one of my favorites to date.  Which surprised me, since it didn't have much in the way of romance (half the reason I watch the show).  Instead it was all about the cliches learning a little empathy about each other, trying out new roles, and making difficult decisions.  You know, all the stuff that teens would NEVER do in real life.  But that's what made it so riveting. These were my favorite moments during the Glee Superbowl episode. 

Joining Forces...Or Forced Joining
They forced the football team to check out a Glee rehearsal. I never would have thought they would ever do an episode where the teachers decided to teach these rivals to get along. The bullying seemed to be an accepted thing; there was a traditional pecking order to the school. Props to these teachers for attempting the level the playing field. 

"You Have the Power to Change"
Not only did they force the football players to see the Glee kids, but Shue actually reached out to the biggest bully, the one who threatened Kurt's life, forcing him to transfer. That's right, he took Karofsky aside and told him that he had talent. You could see his shell crack under the compliment. He looked completely vulnerable, but too scared to accept the compliment. The longing to take it was soon lost to confusion.

Bailing Out the Boys
This show went back and forth so many times, this crew join forces, causing this crew to split, so this crew joins forces. It was awesome, but I have to admit I was getting confused by the time this happened. Basically, since the football team quit (other than those boys also in Glee club) when they refused to do the halftime show, there were not enough players. So the Glee girls decided to join the team so they'd have enough members. I'm not sure what was in it for them. It's not like the boys had to choose Glee club or football (that happened last season and it didn't go well, actually). I guess the girls just wanted to get in on the teamwork spirit.
Sweet Warbling
The Warblers singing Destiny's Child was the best vocals of the night. I was SO excited when I realized it was Bills, Bills Bills. SUCH a blast from the past, and not one of the best known ones (at least in my opinion). But it was amazing. How was that guy making that "ting a ting" noise? I know Tufts Beelzebubs do the vocals for the Warblers, what say you, fellows? This song was pure joy. And then at the end Blaine made my heart fall into my stomach when he said "We've got Regionals in the bag." Oh, no!

When Tina saw the opportunity to get the football, it was one of those "this is going to be so funny, the girl's going to get it while everyone's looking the other way" predictable moments. But once she actually got up and went for it, they DID chase her. I thought it was unrealistic how fast she ran compared to these trained teenage boys, but it was such an exciting scene. So when she was socked, and didn't move, and didn't get up, it was terrifying. As I said earlier with the canon, this show is not into maiming the kids. On the other hand, was the canon side story a distraction? Was she going to be the first one hurt because it would really teach everybody a lesson about when teamwork breaks down then. They did a great job setting this scene up, and all the events leading up to it, for the biggest impact (no pun intended).

What was your favorite moment during Glee's Superbowl episode?

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