Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Episode: Best One Liners

Glee's Superbowl episode was arguably one of the best to date.  And the one-liners in this episode did not disappoint.  Here are my favorites:

Blowing up Britney
Sue’s idea to shoot someone out of a canon had my stomach in a knot (I don’t know why, it’s not the kind of show that’s all about dismembering teens).  And the fact that she decided to pick on poor feeble minded Britney was especially sad (if logical).  But the best line was Quinn telling Britney, “Don’t worry.  I’ll talk to Mr. Shue about this.

Winding up Puck
After Puck and Rachel finished their duet, when one of the football players said, “The girl with the mohawk has a nice voice,” was pretty good.  But even better was Mark Salling’s acting in the moments that followed.  He smiled and nodded good naturedly as he took the guitar off, then turned on a dime in a rage, starting a rumble between Glee guys and the rest of the team.  Really intense moment.

Brittney Signing Her Name
Britney has some of the best one liners on the show (besides Sue Sylvester).  So when the moment came that Sue finally talked her into signing the release to be fired out of the cannon by telling her that the cannon has 2 baby cannons at home and one on the way, going to go hungry tonight, I was yelling “No Britney, don’t do it!”  I kept hoping someone would step in and stop her but no.  She picked up the pen and started signing her name.  My heart sank  And then she looked up at Coach Sylvester to ask, “How many ms are in the letter r?”  That sinking feeling was gone, haha. 

Walking Out
When the girls had a change of heart (which made very little sense.  They wouldn’t listen to Finn before, then he asked them again and it made all the difference?) it was a proud moment as they turned their backs on the cheerleader’s bus.  So when Sue called after them not to threaten them, but to plead “I have no show without you,” Britney answered, not with vapid stupidity, but very pointedly, “Well.  Sucks to be you.”  I’m so glad she got that line instead of the other two girls who we’d expect to be more surly.  No, Sue was ready to endanger Britney and she got to assert herself.  Excellent.

Any Part of Katie Couric’s Interview
The interview at the very end was just a 5 minute long string of one liners, both from Couric AND Slyvester.  The basic message: “Sue, how are you coping with being number one loser of the year?”  

What were your favorite one liners from the Superbowl episode?

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