Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glee's Silly Love Songs Episode: Best One Liners

In the Silly Love Songs episode of Glee, we get to see a lot of character development from my favorite under-utilized character, Santana.  Previously the sassy, backstabby goon spying for Sue Sylvester, now that she’s off the Cheerios, what does she have?  She’s had more solos in New Directions, but she’s lost a big part of her identity.  And as we see in this episode, that quickly takes a toll.  Unfortunately for her, she’s burned so many bridges that she’s not getting a whole lot of sympathy from anyone except for her simple, sweet best friend.  So this “one-liners” edition will feature the always alluring Santana. 

Not worth a buck
Finn is feeling pretty full of himself after winning the football championship.  So much so that he figures every girl in the school is going to be dying to kiss him, which he is totally cool with.  But his main goal of setting up a $1 per smooch kissing booth is for Quinn to be first in line, so he can follow up on that ridiculous move Quinn made on him at the end of the Superbowl episode, and try to steal her from Sam.  But to make it seem more charitable, he plans to donate the money to a good cause (Glee club).  So Santana speaks up and said “Oh really?  I’ve kissed Finn and I’ve gotta say; Not worth a buck.” 

Keeping it real
This was sort of a pivotal moment for Santana.  The above crack at Finn was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  He pointed out that she is always making rude comments to everyone, and it’s getting old.  The rest of the club gangs up on her and agrees that it’s not funny and it’s not cute.  She leaves in a huff, but we start to see her tough shell crack.  Finally in the hall she’s broken down in tears with Brittany there to console her.  She explains, “I just try to be really honest, and keep it real, but people just really, really suck.

She went to Jared
Santana decides that since she’s fooled around with Puck plenty, he owes her a relationship and romantic gifts.  So she walks up to him with receipt in hand asking for reimbursement for a necklace she’s bought herself, explaining, “I went to Jared.”  I was rolling, what a great shot at that silly slogan!

This is how we do it
Santana gets angry when Puck rejects her, (above) and decides to challenge his love interest, Lauren Zizes.  Santana tells her that she’s from a rough part of town called Lima Heights, and gets in Lauren’s face.  Unfortunately for her, Lauren is a wrestling champion, so we’re treated to a scene of her tossing Santana around like a rag doll.  As Santana struggles to her feet and shakily yells a final taunt, “That’s how we do it in Lima Heights.”

Super reliable
Santana seems to be tiring of being just a fling, and is looking around at all the other girls who have found a guy that gives them attention.  She consoles herself that just because it hasn’t happened for her yet, she has her whole future ahead of her, and thinks, “I’ll just marry an NFL player.  They’re super reliable.” 

Santana marches down the hall of a hospital in full sexy-candy-striper regalia, under the pretense of volunteering her time, when really, she was looking for the perfect weapon to use for germ warfare.  When they warned her about the young man with mono, she scoffed, “I’ve had mono so many times I’ve turned into stereo,” before laying one on him.  And thus, she became the carrier to spread it to Finn and subsequently Quinn, proving that they've been getting hot and heavy behind Sam's back. 

Other great one liners

Santana may have stolen the show in Glee's Silly Love Songs Episode, but it's just not Glee without a great one-liner from Brittany, Sue, or both.  Here are the honorable mentions:

The graduate
Shue wrote “Love” on the board and said “that’s right, this week’s theme is…”  Brittany blurted out “Is it love?”  And giddy that she got one right quivered with excitement, “I’m totally going to graduate now!

Blaine is being backed up by the rest of the Warblers and he makes his way around Breadsticks.  When he gets to the line, “Sometimes love doesn’t come at all,” he goes right over to Santana and shrugs.  It was pretty funny (and true; she’s never had a healthy relationship on the show).  Predictabley she gives him the evil eye.  However, we’re starting to see her vulnerable side lately, and along with that, “You don’t know me” attitude, she looks just a little hurt.  And then she looks over at Sam with new eyes. 

What were your favorite one-liners from Glee's Silly Love Songs episode?

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