Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glee's Christmas Episode: One Liners

Glee always has great one liners, mainly delivered by Brittney and Sue.  But occasionally the other characters will surprise you as well.  Here are my favorites from Glee's Christmas episode.

One Liners
Brittney:  "I left my stocking up over Christmas vacation.  And entire family of mice started living in it.  Their Christmas gift to each other was rabies." 
Artie quickly changes the subject.  Good man.

Santana:  "The guy that lived next door finally killed off his elderly mother.  So when they carted him off they left the house like, wide open.  I think she was like, a holiday hoarder."  
Mr. Schuester ALSO changes the subject.  Sure, he goes to find Emma for road trips to Sectionals, but a student starts discussing a crime scene in class and he sweeps it under the rug and tells the kids he'll get them a prettier Christmas tree for the choir room.   

Brittney (whispering to a mall elf) "To be honest, I don’t understand the difference between an elf and a slave."
And later:  "Just know you have rights."
This poor woman didn't even know how to respond.  Brittney must be used to getting these looks from everyone. 

Puckerman:  “You’ve got the perfect Santa body type.”
The Glee guys were all trying to convince Beiste to pose as Santa to break the news to Brittney that Artie was not going to be walking this Christmas.  She tells him, “Watch it, Puckerman.”  And complains that she thought they were good after they got past the "cooling off" issue.  But there was no malice in their request.  Or in Puck's observation, even if it came out badly.

Will writes:  "Present ideas for Sue:  A soul." 
He soon realizes he's going to need a woman's touch to help him with his shopping for Sue's gift.  So he pays Dalton Academy a visit and asks Kurt for help.


Did you notice?

1.      Finn explained that real Christmas trees are better than fake because they smell amazing, and that’s the whole point.  Truth.

2.      Rachel:  “I’m very specific.  You don’t know how many kittens I’ve given away because they haven’t been just right.”  Arg!  Rachel!?  Have you been taking pages out of Sue’s book? 

3.      Shue was talking about how when you’re young Christmas is great, but when you get older “It’s a reminder of what’s lost, instead of what’s possible.”  The camera was focused on Shue, but if you look over at Finn, he gave Rachel a meaningful look.  She had her back to him at the time.

4.      Beiste pulled the beard to talk to Brittney.  I know we’re supposed to accept that Brittney is too dumb to question this move.  But did you noticed that Beiste WAS rocking fake eyebrows!  If she Beiste was that bent on authenticity, why would she have glued them in?  I guess the cameramen didn’t want her mouth covered during this scene because maximum facial expression was needed for a heartfelt dialogue.

5.      Lauren Zizes asked Santa to make Puckerman love her!  She told him, “He’s a fox.”  So this whole stringing him along thing is just her playing hard to get.  INTERESTING. 

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