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Glee’s Blame it on the Alcohol Episode

I really have mixed feelings about this episode!  I was horrified when I saw the promos.  The kids were getting drunk?  The sweet, geeky Glee club?!  Horrified.  But then after I watched it, I did think they redeemed themselves quite a bit without getting overly preachy.  So here are my best and worst moments from Glee’s Blame it on the Alcohol Episode. 


Finn basically tells Rachel to get a life
This wasn’t the worst because it was mean (though it was sort of mean).  It just doesn’t make SENSE.  After she writes a song about her headband because she figures “write about what you know,” he tells her she needs to have more life experiences.  He even nods when Puck pressures her into letting him break into her dads’ liquor cabinet as if to say “you wanted to live a little, didn’t you?”  Um, hello.  This is a girl who has been in love (thanks to Finn) know heartache (thanks to him) survived betrayal (thanks to Jesse) experience the ultimate rejection (when she finally met her birth mother) and learned the hard way that cheating isn’t worth it.  I don’t think as sheltered as he conveyed here!

Rachel goes up to Quinn and says “Hey girlfriend, having fun?” 
WHAT?!  “Hey girl who I’ve nearly come to blows with over Finn.  I can see that everyone’s awkwardly sitting around the basement instead of partying, having fun?”  And instead of Quinn telling her, “Get out of my face, freak,” she says, “Yeah, a blast” after taking a look at Santana all over Sam.  How the mighty have fallen. 

The Rachel-Blaine kiss. 
What?  Just weird.  And then Rachel gets over the spark with “I think I’ve just found a new duet partner.  HAH!

The blame it on the alcohol scene
Don’t get me wrong, this had GORGEOUS lighting effects/set design, the performance itself was fantastic.  And the way the girls stayed in character was hilarious.  Rachel telling Shue how cute his vest is and hanging on Mike telling he’s awesome.  Santana crying over the statistics of alcohol related deaths, and Quinn growling at what a hypocrite Shue is for drinking.  For those things alone, this could have gone in my “best of” section.  But WHAT was going on with Shue bopping his head in approval? 
“I truly thought you guys were drunk.”  He said.  Did he not notice them all walking around wearing sunglasses indoors?  Or did he assume Quinn and Finn were rehashing their attempt at trying to look cool like the “Reputation” episode from season 1?  Figgins had JUST given Will the heads up about drinking being a problem among students.  I have a hard time believing that Will was that naïve. 


Rachel’s bizarre dress for the party?!
I am on the fence over whether to put this in the “worst” section or the “best” section.  I’m going with “best” because it wasn’t bad writing, it was just a bad dress, and therefore hilarious.  Some sort of virginal-white nightgown thing.  Some people are saying that it was big in the seventies, so that was the look she was going for.  I thought she was attempting to look like an angel before a drunken fall from grace. 

The drunk-girl breakdown
I would have pegged Tina, not Santana, as the weepy girl, but that’s what made it funny.  Making her an angry drunk along with Lauren and Quinn would have been too predictable since she’s always angry.  Not surprised about Brittney the stripper or Mercedes as happy though. 

Papa Hummel walking in on the Blaine-Kurt sleepover
WHOA.  I don’t think any of us saw that coming.  Least of all papa bear.  But as usual, he handled the situation with grace.  What was Kurt THINING?  I never would have DREAMED of bringing a guy over to sleep in my bed when I was a teen; that would have meant certain death when my parents woke up.  And he acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and it was his dad out of line?  Huh. 

Kurt telling Blaine how unbelievable it is that Rachel asked him out, and then asked, “Wait…why did you say yes?”
Poor Kurt.

The tick tock performance
Was every bit as awesome as the Blame it on the Alcohol: go Brittney!  But the projectile vomiting, just no. 

Finn:  “What about after we win nationals?”
Aww.  His optimism is what makes him the “leader of Glee club.”  I hate that term that Rachel keeps using, but it is kinda true.  He just has an inspirational aura about him that has diminished ever since the Quinn and Sam jealousy thing, but in that moment it was back. 

“Huh.  Yup. I’m gay.  100% gay.  Thank you so much for clearing that up for me, Rachel.” 
Haha, that was pretty funny.  Everybody’s gotta be hatin on Rachel.  I’m also relieved that he didn’t end up going back into the closet for her.  Bad enough Kurt was competing with her for Finn; he should haven’t to compete with her for the gay kid too! 

Did you notice? 

“I used to drink a LOT more at their age.  Most of the time was just to deal with Terry”
That second line was not easy to hear, but very funny!

Beiste brought an entire chicken for lunch!

Beiste kisses Will and says, “I love you.”  Hmm.  

What were your best and worst moments for this episode?  

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