Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glee Season 2 Predictions (for the second half)

The genius of season 1 for Glee was lost during the first half of season 2.  No more baby-gate with Quinn, no more fake pregnancy for Will’s wife.  Even their build up to sectionals was not a big deal during the first half of season 2.  Will lost his passion for competing musically and instead focused on competing for Emma and it was not as interesting.  The only interesting story line was with Kurt and that bully Karofsky.  At least we finally got to learn a little more about why it was happening and Kurt’s family took a stand.  But then, finally, after a much too long hiatus we got two fantastic episodes in a row: the Superbowl Episode and Silly Love Songs.  Suddenly now things are taking a “new direction,” and the plot is thickening once again!  So if you’d like to know my predictions for the rest of Glee season 2, read on.

For Kurt
The Kurt and Blaine kiss is coming soon and Kurt will be going back to New Directions, I just don’t know in what order.  I hope it doesn’t end up in a Rachel/Jesse style betrayal.  I’ve been sure Kurt will be going back to McKinnley just as soon as he auditioned with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and sang the line “The truth is I never left you.”  Besides, within an episode or two it was clear that although homosexuals are accepted at Dalton Academy, everyone is expected to blend in with the posh majority regardless of race, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.  Even with the dance routine at Sectionals he had trouble blending; he’s clearly being stifled.

For Karofsky
He will be coming out soon.  I just hope it’s not in the form of a suicide note.  I don’t think the writers would actually kill off his character in that way, however he’s clearly a violent kid with more than one identity crisis going on (homosexuality as well as musical talent that was recognized in the Superbowl episode when he hates the Glee crew).  And when his dad appeared in the episode where Kurt and his dad made a formal complaint about bullying, I did not get the sense that his dad is the intimidating type.  Instead I think he really hates himself so I would not be surprised if he does harm himself in some way before coming out.

For Finn
Finn will cheat on Quinn with Rachel, this much is painfully obvious.  He’s tired of being the straight arrow, he’s tired of being cheated on, and he’s out to hurt them both.  He’s already hurt Rachel by letting her know that when he kisses Quinn he sees fireworks but with her, not so much.  Now that he’s got Quinn sneaking around with him he’s finally in a position of power.  He can hurt her and Sam, who he’s disliked ever since he made quarterback.

For Santana
She will try to seduce Sam.  Whether her character is developing (she got a reality check in Silly Love Songs that people don’t find her sass funny, intimidating, or appealing anymore) and she’s going to actually want a real relationship with him, wants a fling, or sees some other way to gain from doing so (like hurting Quinn) it was pretty clear when the Warblers were singing Silly Love Songs that there’s about to be something going on there.  And I don’t see it lasting very long, if Sam allows it to happen in the first place.

For Will
Will’s relationship problems have always mirrored Finn’s.  When Finn was dealing with the pregnancy stuff, so was Will.  When Finn found out the baby wasn’t his, Will found out there was no baby to be his.  When Finn was with the girl who was best for him (Rachel) Will was with Emma.  Finn had to compete with Jesse, Will had to compete with Carl.  It stands to reason that Will is going to be “the other man” in Emma’s life just as Finn is with Quinn.  As long as Emma’s character stays on the show she will end up cheating on Carl in some way, shape or form.  You know it, I know it, the American people know it.  If the writers weren’t worried about the moral message they gave when Will gave up on his marriage for Emma, they certainly aren’t going to care about keeping hers in tact. 

For Tina
Tina still has a thing for Artie.  She was getting bored of Mike earlier in the season.  The sobbing on Valentine’s Day because she “just loves him so much she could cry” was REALLY over the top.  I’m thinking she is out to prove it to him (or herself).  He was showing her his abs and even though Artie chalked up this behavior to the “post Valentine’s Day slump,” I’m just not so sure.  Artie’s prelude to him and Mike’s duet of “Pretty Young Thing” where he was telling Mike how wonderful it is that they are both dating hot girls, and there’s no jealousy between them seems like he’s jinxing them. 
But Artie is very very happy with Brittany for now, so I don’t know how things are going to unfold. 

For Puck
Lauren is going to admit that she really likes Puck.  Just think back to the Christmas episode, when Brittany believed in Santa so they went to the mall to sit in his lap to act like this is normal for teens.  She told mall Santa that for Christmas she wants Puckerman to like her, because he’s a fox.  This whole thing with telling him he’s a lousy kisser and “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” has been an act.  I just don’t know what’s going to go down once the jig is up.  Will he lose interest and break her heart once she isn’t forbidden fruit?  I’m afraid so. 

The rest of the season seems awfully predictable, which I don’t mind.  Before I just didn’t understand where they were going with the characters, they were all just sort of stagnating.  That being said, if the writers have even better twists and turns here than I’ve predicted, I won’t be disappointed.

What are your predictions for Glee season 2?  Do you agree, disagree, or is there some character I've missed who you have a feeling about?

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