Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best moments of the Glee Comeback Episode

The Glee Comeback episode had some amazing moments.  There were a few expected developments, a few big surprises, and a few totally surreal moments that we’ve come to love from Glee.   

The Diva-Off
Though the lead up was bad, this was fantastic purely based on their vocal performance alone.  But even better was the fact that the writers decided to give Rachel and Mercedes enough character development to end the grudge the moment they finished belting out “Take Me for What I Am” from rent, since they knew they nailed it.  They recognized that the song was better with both of them than it would have been as a solo, which is a long way from the group’s beginnings in season 1.  So I was happy that not only did they foil Sue’s plan, but it looks like there will be more scenes with Rachel Mercedes and Kurt braiding each others hair and meeting Blaine for coffee. 

The look on Finn’s face during “The Justin Beiber Experience’s” performance
The look on Finn’s face when the guys were emulating Beiber said everything I was thinking.  “Why is Britnney’s mouth hanging open watching this?”  “How many days in a row is Sam going to wear that purple hoodie?”  “What was Puck thinking with that wig?”  “Why are they throwing flour around while they’re singing?”  “Ladies.  Seriously?”  Finn, I’m as confused as you are.

All the girls dressing like Rachel
This sort of freaked me out, but at the same time, it was such an unexpected move that it was really funny.  With the 3 glee girls now off the Cheerios and in street clothes, they don’t admit it, but they’re at a loss for a new look.  And say what you will about Rachel but she has ALWAYS been good at seizing an opportunity (even if it’s unscrupulously).  She pays Brittney to dress like her because she wants to be a trend setter but she knows other girls are much more likely to follow the former cheerleader than her.  And she’s absolutely correct.  Of course Brittney gets all the credit in the end, but it was still a cunning plan.  And seeing all the girls in the school in loafers, tights, plaid skirts, knit sweaters with horses, and headbands was funny in a creepy way.

Lauren Zizes singing “I Know What Boys Like.”
This wasn’t just funny because of the big girl singing about how hot she is, because she really is confident and knows how to string Puckerman along.  No, the writers are more clever than to just leave it at that.  They have her picturing the cast in their underwear to get over her stage fright: including Sue wearing a black leather dominatrix-catwoman-gown thing.  Not to mention that at the end of a song filled with attitude (hair flicks, bosom-jiggling and winking at Puck) as a final show of sassy confidence she shoves her two backup dancers (Brittney and Tina) who go flying like a couple of rag dolls.  Hilarious start to finish.  I wasn’t so sure when she joined, I didn’t think she’d stick around, but now that she’s actually been featured in a song it looks like she might just be here to stay with the Glee cast.  And I’m really enjoying her character!

Sam’s Choice
I went on record as saying that Santana would make a play for Sam, and at least part of the reason might be to hurt Finn, and I was correct.  But I was completely wrong when I predicted that Sam would turn her down.  And I was so pleasantly surprised when he didn’t take her up on her offer in the form of cheating, but he actually did the right thing and broke up with Quinn.  I think it’s fantastic that Quinn got what was coming to her, and we don’t have to feel sorry for Quinn for being cheated on.  There’s actually a teen on the show with the where-with-all to say, “I’m not going to sink to your level and cheat, but I’m not going to put up with being cheated on either.”  I didn’t really like Sam until this episode.  But like he said, “I’m pretty, but I’m not dumb.”  You’re not morally void either, Sam. 

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