Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glee’s Blame it on the Alcohol Episode

I really have mixed feelings about this episode!  I was horrified when I saw the promos.  The kids were getting drunk?  The sweet, geeky Glee club?!  Horrified.  But then after I watched it, I did think they redeemed themselves quite a bit without getting overly preachy.  So here are my best and worst moments from Glee’s Blame it on the Alcohol Episode. 


Finn basically tells Rachel to get a life
This wasn’t the worst because it was mean (though it was sort of mean).  It just doesn’t make SENSE.  After she writes a song about her headband because she figures “write about what you know,” he tells her she needs to have more life experiences.  He even nods when Puck pressures her into letting him break into her dads’ liquor cabinet as if to say “you wanted to live a little, didn’t you?”  Um, hello.  This is a girl who has been in love (thanks to Finn) know heartache (thanks to him) survived betrayal (thanks to Jesse) experience the ultimate rejection (when she finally met her birth mother) and learned the hard way that cheating isn’t worth it.  I don’t think as sheltered as he conveyed here!

Rachel goes up to Quinn and says “Hey girlfriend, having fun?” 
WHAT?!  “Hey girl who I’ve nearly come to blows with over Finn.  I can see that everyone’s awkwardly sitting around the basement instead of partying, having fun?”  And instead of Quinn telling her, “Get out of my face, freak,” she says, “Yeah, a blast” after taking a look at Santana all over Sam.  How the mighty have fallen. 

The Rachel-Blaine kiss. 
What?  Just weird.  And then Rachel gets over the spark with “I think I’ve just found a new duet partner.  HAH!

The blame it on the alcohol scene
Don’t get me wrong, this had GORGEOUS lighting effects/set design, the performance itself was fantastic.  And the way the girls stayed in character was hilarious.  Rachel telling Shue how cute his vest is and hanging on Mike telling he’s awesome.  Santana crying over the statistics of alcohol related deaths, and Quinn growling at what a hypocrite Shue is for drinking.  For those things alone, this could have gone in my “best of” section.  But WHAT was going on with Shue bopping his head in approval? 
“I truly thought you guys were drunk.”  He said.  Did he not notice them all walking around wearing sunglasses indoors?  Or did he assume Quinn and Finn were rehashing their attempt at trying to look cool like the “Reputation” episode from season 1?  Figgins had JUST given Will the heads up about drinking being a problem among students.  I have a hard time believing that Will was that na├»ve. 


Rachel’s bizarre dress for the party?!
I am on the fence over whether to put this in the “worst” section or the “best” section.  I’m going with “best” because it wasn’t bad writing, it was just a bad dress, and therefore hilarious.  Some sort of virginal-white nightgown thing.  Some people are saying that it was big in the seventies, so that was the look she was going for.  I thought she was attempting to look like an angel before a drunken fall from grace. 

The drunk-girl breakdown
I would have pegged Tina, not Santana, as the weepy girl, but that’s what made it funny.  Making her an angry drunk along with Lauren and Quinn would have been too predictable since she’s always angry.  Not surprised about Brittney the stripper or Mercedes as happy though. 

Papa Hummel walking in on the Blaine-Kurt sleepover
WHOA.  I don’t think any of us saw that coming.  Least of all papa bear.  But as usual, he handled the situation with grace.  What was Kurt THINING?  I never would have DREAMED of bringing a guy over to sleep in my bed when I was a teen; that would have meant certain death when my parents woke up.  And he acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and it was his dad out of line?  Huh. 

Kurt telling Blaine how unbelievable it is that Rachel asked him out, and then asked, “Wait…why did you say yes?”
Poor Kurt.

The tick tock performance
Was every bit as awesome as the Blame it on the Alcohol: go Brittney!  But the projectile vomiting, just no. 

Finn:  “What about after we win nationals?”
Aww.  His optimism is what makes him the “leader of Glee club.”  I hate that term that Rachel keeps using, but it is kinda true.  He just has an inspirational aura about him that has diminished ever since the Quinn and Sam jealousy thing, but in that moment it was back. 

“Huh.  Yup. I’m gay.  100% gay.  Thank you so much for clearing that up for me, Rachel.” 
Haha, that was pretty funny.  Everybody’s gotta be hatin on Rachel.  I’m also relieved that he didn’t end up going back into the closet for her.  Bad enough Kurt was competing with her for Finn; he should haven’t to compete with her for the gay kid too! 

Did you notice? 

“I used to drink a LOT more at their age.  Most of the time was just to deal with Terry”
That second line was not easy to hear, but very funny!

Beiste brought an entire chicken for lunch!

Beiste kisses Will and says, “I love you.”  Hmm.  

What were your best and worst moments for this episode?  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glee's Blame it on the Alcohol Episode: Biggest Controversies

In this polarizing episode, Figgins wants to put an end to students coming to class drunk.  But instead of staging a mock accident like most high schools, or enlisting the help of someone who really understands the dangers, he decides to make the Glee kids figure it out in the form of a song and dance number, in order to inform the rest of the kids.  The trouble is, Rachel realizes that she’s being asked to sing about the dangers of alcohol, but she’s never even had a drink.  So…they do a little “field research.”  What ensued was one of the most controversial episodes of Glee to date.  A lot of fans are promising to “boycott” the show as a result.  Here’s my take on the main controversies of Glee’s Blame it on the Alcohol episode. 

Teenage drinking
Well, obviously.  That was the entire point of the show.  That was the name of the episode.  And there were parts that were difficult to watch.  Puck pressuring Rachel.  The kids loosening up and having fun with Brittany taking off her clothes, Santana doing body shots.  Projectile vomiting at the assembly.  But why are so many fans upset that they dared to show this?  Why are people saying that it’s inappropriate because this show is geared for kids?  This show has NEVER been geared for kids!  The first season was about a date rape that resulted in a pregnancy.  Oh, and by the way, Quinn was “drunk on wine coolers” when it happened.  Just because they didn’t show her stumbling around doesn’t make the situation any less adult.  Glee is gritty, the characters don’t play nice, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  If your kids are not old enough to handle it, don’t let them watch.  The only real controversy here is why did Fox move the show to 8pm. 

The kids being rewarded for their drunken performance instead of punished 
Some fans of the show were really up in arms over the fact that Figgins rewarded the kids after their drunken performance.  They feel that they should have been punished to make the point that teenage drinking is wrong.  But seriously?  Figgins was totally out of touch the whole time; more so than usual.  So yes, he rewarded them all with frozen yogurt coupons (half off, by the way, not free).  This was hardly a reward!  And they all CLEARLY knew that what they did was bad.  They walked in there knowing they faced suspension.  They all naturally felt sick as dogs with their hang-overs.  They were publicly humiliated because anyone with half a brain knew that Brittany was actually puking mid-sentence and Rachel was actually wearing something way worse than any slushie she’d ever received.  I’d argue that they DID learn their lesson.  Sometimes punishments are just naturally occurring, and those are actually the best ones.  It proves that you won’t always get caught, but there are some consequences you can not escape. 

Beiste makes light
Beiste talks about how lecturing kids on the dangers of drinking won’t stop them from doing so.  All they can do is educate them and hope they make good choices.  And then laughs.  Now, some people interpret this as her being flip, or sarcastic.  But did you see the look on Will’s face as she was explaining this to him?  The blank, stupefied stare was clear that what she was saying was going RIGHT over his head.  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t laughing about the seriousness of teen drinking, but about how dumb he looked.

Kurt ragging on the bi-s
Some people are angry that the writers believe there’s no such thing as being bisexual.  Which is strange, since it was only one character’s point of view.  Kurt is clearly speaking out of anger when he goes on this tirade.  Same as when he spoke to his dad.  Just because Kurt is gay, doesn’t mean he is the definitive voice of tolerance and sexuality, and just because he has the voice of an angel doesn’t mean he is one.  He makes as many mistakes as the rest of them. 

On a related note, now Kurt’s views on bisexuality (or at least, what he decided to spout in a moment of panic and rejection) are out there, there has been a second controversy opened up regarding Santana and Brittany.  In Glee’s first season during one of those split screen phone scenes I love, Brittany clearly said that sex does not mean dating, otherwise she and Santana would be dating.  Santana gave her a “shush” look, but didn’t deny it, and later there was a scene with them making out.  And YET, some people believe that they aren’t bisexual.  Seems pretty cut and dry to me!  Santana’s been with Puck and Finn, Brittany’s been with Artie, and they’ve been with each other.  Unless one of the above scenarios didn’t REALLY happen, it is what it is.  Some viewers have said that they’re not really, it’s just one of the quirks of their friendship.  I say that’s ridiculous.  Is a married woman not heterosexual because she’s only with her husband and no other men? 

Kurt tells his dad to learn more about gay sex
Kurt tells his dad that he should educate himself on gay sex so that if he has any questions he could “go to him like any straight son could.”  Now, I think this is just a bit unfair.  When straight fathers talk to their straight sons about sex it’s because they can speak from their own experience.  I can sympathize that Kurt may come to a point where he needs to talk to someone about sex.  But exactly how is his dad going to “educate” himself?  Internet?  Kurt can do that.  Read a book?  Kurt can do that.  No, I think his dad was being perfectly reasonable in saying “don’t bring random guys here for sleepovers, I wouldn’t let Finn bring girls over either.”  And comparing that to Puck sleeping over?  Kurt is trying to have his cake and eat it too.  Not the first time he’s been manipulative like this (remember when he let Finn take the fall for flipping out about sharing a room last season). 

Also, I have heard some make the argument that when Kurt had Brittney over for a make out session, his dad said “Have fun, use protection.”  With that in mind, it DOES seem like a real double standard.  However, Burt said that he’s known since Kurt was 3 that he was gay, so I submit that he was sort of being sarcastic when he said that.  Which is not top notch parenting, but come on, if he knew Kurt was doing it for attention, sometimes it IS best to ignore the behavior rather than indulge it.  And he DID talk to Kurt after about his sexuality, so really he was doing the right thing by finding the appropriate time and place to address things.  The same way as he did that morning he bumped into Blaine.  A lesser parent would have flipped out then and there about finding a stranger in their child's bed.  Burt waited until he could discuss it rationally, while still enforcing his house rules. 

Was this episode appropriate for kids?  Not so much.  Was it a bland public service announcement about the dangers of alcohol?   No.  Did it show how much fun getting drunk with your friends can be?  Yes.  Was it an entertaining program with a lot of great one liners, polished performances, and character development?  Yes. 

So what do you think about Glee’s controversial episode, “Blame it on the Alcohol?”  Do you agree or disagree?  Are there any points I missed?

Friday, February 18, 2011

One Liners from the Glee Comeback Episode

Fortunately ever since Glee returned from its hiatus it has returned to its previous, season one glory.  The “Comeback” episode is filled with great one liners from Brittany and Sue, plus one more sassy gal who is starting to steal the show, despite being nothing but a lackey during season one.  Here are my favorite one liners from Glee’s Comeback episode.

 So sorry for not being sorry for interrupting.

Would you mind if I borrowed one of your rafters so I could hang myself?  I did a test run back in my office and you know what?  There’s asbestos up there.  And that can kill a person.

“I agree with Spongehair Squarechin.”
And the award for the perfect zing goes to…no surprise:  Sue Sylvester.  This one liner had it all.  The classic Will-hair dig.  The pop culture reference.  And just to be innovative, she threw in a dig about a new physical feature: the chin.  She admitted she mocks his hair because she’s jealous of it.  I’m certain the jokes about the chin are also sour grapes. 

Who can tell us what an anthem is?
The bottom of an ant’s pants?
Now wait a minute.  I thought Brittany was supposed to be dumb?  Think about this though, Will didn’t WRITE “ant hem.”  In which case her comment would have been funny in a dumb-blond sort of way.  No, he said “anthem,” which sounds nothing like “ant hem.”  She would have had to visualize the letters pretty quick to come up with that little gem.  The writers goofed up with that blond joke!

“I’ve gotta get that girl on ma Cheerios.”
Haha, Sam is the new Sweet Porcelain for Sue. 
First of all, that is offensive.  He shot Martian Luther King.
Um.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t.  Santana’s always the nastier of the Britana duo, and Brittany’s the dumb one.  This time though, I’m not sure that Brittany’s the ONLY dumb one.

You get the chance to show that pastry bag Finn that you can’t mess with Sam Evans.  And not just because you can unlock that enormous jaw and swallow him whole like a python.
What do Puck and Santana have in common besides loose morals?  That would be fascination with Sam’s mouth.  Whether it stems from disdain, disbelief or desire I’m not sure, but they just can’t seem to look away.  It’s like Sue and Will’s hair.

"I have to go get my cross trainers.  You wanna know why?  I’m gonna be doing some runs.” 
*Rim shot*

"If I was a country, my flag would be a fist giving the rest of the world the finger, and this would be my national anthem...”
The writers on this show have such an interesting view of men and women.  The women are overly confident to a fault.  Look at Sue: her winning streak and determination to take Will down.  Look at Quinn, fighting her way back to head cheerleader and prepared to step on everyone to get there.  Look at Rachel, who knows she exudes talent but can’t shut up about it long enough to be, you know, friendly.  And now we have Lauren, who’s made it clear that she doesn’t need anybody’s approval.  Hilarious.

This episode was just as surreal as always.   
I know I’m the hottest ***** in this joint. 
See above?

What were your favorite one liners from the show?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best moments of the Glee Comeback Episode

The Glee Comeback episode had some amazing moments.  There were a few expected developments, a few big surprises, and a few totally surreal moments that we’ve come to love from Glee.   

The Diva-Off
Though the lead up was bad, this was fantastic purely based on their vocal performance alone.  But even better was the fact that the writers decided to give Rachel and Mercedes enough character development to end the grudge the moment they finished belting out “Take Me for What I Am” from rent, since they knew they nailed it.  They recognized that the song was better with both of them than it would have been as a solo, which is a long way from the group’s beginnings in season 1.  So I was happy that not only did they foil Sue’s plan, but it looks like there will be more scenes with Rachel Mercedes and Kurt braiding each others hair and meeting Blaine for coffee. 

The look on Finn’s face during “The Justin Beiber Experience’s” performance
The look on Finn’s face when the guys were emulating Beiber said everything I was thinking.  “Why is Britnney’s mouth hanging open watching this?”  “How many days in a row is Sam going to wear that purple hoodie?”  “What was Puck thinking with that wig?”  “Why are they throwing flour around while they’re singing?”  “Ladies.  Seriously?”  Finn, I’m as confused as you are.

All the girls dressing like Rachel
This sort of freaked me out, but at the same time, it was such an unexpected move that it was really funny.  With the 3 glee girls now off the Cheerios and in street clothes, they don’t admit it, but they’re at a loss for a new look.  And say what you will about Rachel but she has ALWAYS been good at seizing an opportunity (even if it’s unscrupulously).  She pays Brittney to dress like her because she wants to be a trend setter but she knows other girls are much more likely to follow the former cheerleader than her.  And she’s absolutely correct.  Of course Brittney gets all the credit in the end, but it was still a cunning plan.  And seeing all the girls in the school in loafers, tights, plaid skirts, knit sweaters with horses, and headbands was funny in a creepy way.

Lauren Zizes singing “I Know What Boys Like.”
This wasn’t just funny because of the big girl singing about how hot she is, because she really is confident and knows how to string Puckerman along.  No, the writers are more clever than to just leave it at that.  They have her picturing the cast in their underwear to get over her stage fright: including Sue wearing a black leather dominatrix-catwoman-gown thing.  Not to mention that at the end of a song filled with attitude (hair flicks, bosom-jiggling and winking at Puck) as a final show of sassy confidence she shoves her two backup dancers (Brittney and Tina) who go flying like a couple of rag dolls.  Hilarious start to finish.  I wasn’t so sure when she joined, I didn’t think she’d stick around, but now that she’s actually been featured in a song it looks like she might just be here to stay with the Glee cast.  And I’m really enjoying her character!

Sam’s Choice
I went on record as saying that Santana would make a play for Sam, and at least part of the reason might be to hurt Finn, and I was correct.  But I was completely wrong when I predicted that Sam would turn her down.  And I was so pleasantly surprised when he didn’t take her up on her offer in the form of cheating, but he actually did the right thing and broke up with Quinn.  I think it’s fantastic that Quinn got what was coming to her, and we don’t have to feel sorry for Quinn for being cheated on.  There’s actually a teen on the show with the where-with-all to say, “I’m not going to sink to your level and cheat, but I’m not going to put up with being cheated on either.”  I didn’t really like Sam until this episode.  But like he said, “I’m pretty, but I’m not dumb.”  You’re not morally void either, Sam. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glee Season 2 Predictions (for the second half)

The genius of season 1 for Glee was lost during the first half of season 2.  No more baby-gate with Quinn, no more fake pregnancy for Will’s wife.  Even their build up to sectionals was not a big deal during the first half of season 2.  Will lost his passion for competing musically and instead focused on competing for Emma and it was not as interesting.  The only interesting story line was with Kurt and that bully Karofsky.  At least we finally got to learn a little more about why it was happening and Kurt’s family took a stand.  But then, finally, after a much too long hiatus we got two fantastic episodes in a row: the Superbowl Episode and Silly Love Songs.  Suddenly now things are taking a “new direction,” and the plot is thickening once again!  So if you’d like to know my predictions for the rest of Glee season 2, read on.

For Kurt
The Kurt and Blaine kiss is coming soon and Kurt will be going back to New Directions, I just don’t know in what order.  I hope it doesn’t end up in a Rachel/Jesse style betrayal.  I’ve been sure Kurt will be going back to McKinnley just as soon as he auditioned with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and sang the line “The truth is I never left you.”  Besides, within an episode or two it was clear that although homosexuals are accepted at Dalton Academy, everyone is expected to blend in with the posh majority regardless of race, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.  Even with the dance routine at Sectionals he had trouble blending; he’s clearly being stifled.

For Karofsky
He will be coming out soon.  I just hope it’s not in the form of a suicide note.  I don’t think the writers would actually kill off his character in that way, however he’s clearly a violent kid with more than one identity crisis going on (homosexuality as well as musical talent that was recognized in the Superbowl episode when he hates the Glee crew).  And when his dad appeared in the episode where Kurt and his dad made a formal complaint about bullying, I did not get the sense that his dad is the intimidating type.  Instead I think he really hates himself so I would not be surprised if he does harm himself in some way before coming out.

For Finn
Finn will cheat on Quinn with Rachel, this much is painfully obvious.  He’s tired of being the straight arrow, he’s tired of being cheated on, and he’s out to hurt them both.  He’s already hurt Rachel by letting her know that when he kisses Quinn he sees fireworks but with her, not so much.  Now that he’s got Quinn sneaking around with him he’s finally in a position of power.  He can hurt her and Sam, who he’s disliked ever since he made quarterback.

For Santana
She will try to seduce Sam.  Whether her character is developing (she got a reality check in Silly Love Songs that people don’t find her sass funny, intimidating, or appealing anymore) and she’s going to actually want a real relationship with him, wants a fling, or sees some other way to gain from doing so (like hurting Quinn) it was pretty clear when the Warblers were singing Silly Love Songs that there’s about to be something going on there.  And I don’t see it lasting very long, if Sam allows it to happen in the first place.

For Will
Will’s relationship problems have always mirrored Finn’s.  When Finn was dealing with the pregnancy stuff, so was Will.  When Finn found out the baby wasn’t his, Will found out there was no baby to be his.  When Finn was with the girl who was best for him (Rachel) Will was with Emma.  Finn had to compete with Jesse, Will had to compete with Carl.  It stands to reason that Will is going to be “the other man” in Emma’s life just as Finn is with Quinn.  As long as Emma’s character stays on the show she will end up cheating on Carl in some way, shape or form.  You know it, I know it, the American people know it.  If the writers weren’t worried about the moral message they gave when Will gave up on his marriage for Emma, they certainly aren’t going to care about keeping hers in tact. 

For Tina
Tina still has a thing for Artie.  She was getting bored of Mike earlier in the season.  The sobbing on Valentine’s Day because she “just loves him so much she could cry” was REALLY over the top.  I’m thinking she is out to prove it to him (or herself).  He was showing her his abs and even though Artie chalked up this behavior to the “post Valentine’s Day slump,” I’m just not so sure.  Artie’s prelude to him and Mike’s duet of “Pretty Young Thing” where he was telling Mike how wonderful it is that they are both dating hot girls, and there’s no jealousy between them seems like he’s jinxing them. 
But Artie is very very happy with Brittany for now, so I don’t know how things are going to unfold. 

For Puck
Lauren is going to admit that she really likes Puck.  Just think back to the Christmas episode, when Brittany believed in Santa so they went to the mall to sit in his lap to act like this is normal for teens.  She told mall Santa that for Christmas she wants Puckerman to like her, because he’s a fox.  This whole thing with telling him he’s a lousy kisser and “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” has been an act.  I just don’t know what’s going to go down once the jig is up.  Will he lose interest and break her heart once she isn’t forbidden fruit?  I’m afraid so. 

The rest of the season seems awfully predictable, which I don’t mind.  Before I just didn’t understand where they were going with the characters, they were all just sort of stagnating.  That being said, if the writers have even better twists and turns here than I’ve predicted, I won’t be disappointed.

What are your predictions for Glee season 2?  Do you agree, disagree, or is there some character I've missed who you have a feeling about?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glee's Silly Love Songs Episode: Best One Liners

In the Silly Love Songs episode of Glee, we get to see a lot of character development from my favorite under-utilized character, Santana.  Previously the sassy, backstabby goon spying for Sue Sylvester, now that she’s off the Cheerios, what does she have?  She’s had more solos in New Directions, but she’s lost a big part of her identity.  And as we see in this episode, that quickly takes a toll.  Unfortunately for her, she’s burned so many bridges that she’s not getting a whole lot of sympathy from anyone except for her simple, sweet best friend.  So this “one-liners” edition will feature the always alluring Santana. 

Not worth a buck
Finn is feeling pretty full of himself after winning the football championship.  So much so that he figures every girl in the school is going to be dying to kiss him, which he is totally cool with.  But his main goal of setting up a $1 per smooch kissing booth is for Quinn to be first in line, so he can follow up on that ridiculous move Quinn made on him at the end of the Superbowl episode, and try to steal her from Sam.  But to make it seem more charitable, he plans to donate the money to a good cause (Glee club).  So Santana speaks up and said “Oh really?  I’ve kissed Finn and I’ve gotta say; Not worth a buck.” 

Keeping it real
This was sort of a pivotal moment for Santana.  The above crack at Finn was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  He pointed out that she is always making rude comments to everyone, and it’s getting old.  The rest of the club gangs up on her and agrees that it’s not funny and it’s not cute.  She leaves in a huff, but we start to see her tough shell crack.  Finally in the hall she’s broken down in tears with Brittany there to console her.  She explains, “I just try to be really honest, and keep it real, but people just really, really suck.

She went to Jared
Santana decides that since she’s fooled around with Puck plenty, he owes her a relationship and romantic gifts.  So she walks up to him with receipt in hand asking for reimbursement for a necklace she’s bought herself, explaining, “I went to Jared.”  I was rolling, what a great shot at that silly slogan!

This is how we do it
Santana gets angry when Puck rejects her, (above) and decides to challenge his love interest, Lauren Zizes.  Santana tells her that she’s from a rough part of town called Lima Heights, and gets in Lauren’s face.  Unfortunately for her, Lauren is a wrestling champion, so we’re treated to a scene of her tossing Santana around like a rag doll.  As Santana struggles to her feet and shakily yells a final taunt, “That’s how we do it in Lima Heights.”

Super reliable
Santana seems to be tiring of being just a fling, and is looking around at all the other girls who have found a guy that gives them attention.  She consoles herself that just because it hasn’t happened for her yet, she has her whole future ahead of her, and thinks, “I’ll just marry an NFL player.  They’re super reliable.” 

Santana marches down the hall of a hospital in full sexy-candy-striper regalia, under the pretense of volunteering her time, when really, she was looking for the perfect weapon to use for germ warfare.  When they warned her about the young man with mono, she scoffed, “I’ve had mono so many times I’ve turned into stereo,” before laying one on him.  And thus, she became the carrier to spread it to Finn and subsequently Quinn, proving that they've been getting hot and heavy behind Sam's back. 

Other great one liners

Santana may have stolen the show in Glee's Silly Love Songs Episode, but it's just not Glee without a great one-liner from Brittany, Sue, or both.  Here are the honorable mentions:

The graduate
Shue wrote “Love” on the board and said “that’s right, this week’s theme is…”  Brittany blurted out “Is it love?”  And giddy that she got one right quivered with excitement, “I’m totally going to graduate now!

Blaine is being backed up by the rest of the Warblers and he makes his way around Breadsticks.  When he gets to the line, “Sometimes love doesn’t come at all,” he goes right over to Santana and shrugs.  It was pretty funny (and true; she’s never had a healthy relationship on the show).  Predictabley she gives him the evil eye.  However, we’re starting to see her vulnerable side lately, and along with that, “You don’t know me” attitude, she looks just a little hurt.  And then she looks over at Sam with new eyes. 

What were your favorite one-liners from Glee's Silly Love Songs episode?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Episode: Worst Moments

Even though Glee's Superbowl episode was amazing, there were some real problems with it.  And not just the typical pacing (like why did the football episode follow the Christmas episode?) but real holes in the plot, and questionable character development (or lack thereof).  Here are the 5 worst parts of the Superbowl episode.

Chicken Cutlets
When Santana got a breast enhancement at the beginning of the season, Sue had a serious talk with her about how decisions you make when you’re young can impact the rest of your life.  She punishes her by bringing Quinn back as head cheerleader, demoting her, and putting her at the bottom of the pyramid.  And yet, in this episode she tells the rest of the girls they need to wear “chicken cutlets.”  True, falsies aren’t altering your body for life, but something about this (implying that none of the girls had big enough chests except for Santana, perhaps) seemed very wrong.  And while Sue is never the model teacher, consistency in her principles (even misguided ones) would be nice. 

Finn Dropped the Ball
I don’t mean when he literally dropped the ball.  I mean 2 minutes before that.  When he pointed out that Karofsky is always calling everyone else gay, but never had a girlfriend, Karofsky delivers a thinly veiled threat, “I hope that linebacker doesn’t get past me because it would hurt to get knocked down by HIM.”  Finn’s got good people skills.  He should have said, “I’d hate that too, because then everyone in this huddle would know you let down the team for the sake of a vendetta against me.”  Come on Finn.  Sure it would have ended the episode right there, but COME ON.

The Teachers’ Motivation
End the bullying because it’s good for the community, not for the kids.  The football team needs to win.  Never mind kids are leaving because their lives have been threatened.  No, up until hearing that a winning team will make the streets cleaner and create a sense of pride, Shue told Beiste that the bullying is, “Just the way it’s always been.”   Thanks for uniting in order to build empathy and tolerance between the cliques, but you did it for the wrong reason.

Cheerleader’s Choice
Quinn says after their big zombie camp scene “If we miss the halftime show then we’re off the Glee club.”  Did I miss something?  Or did Shue never give them that ultimatum?  It doesn’t sound like something he’d do.  It’s not like they had show choir Regionals on the same night as the cheerleading competition (then I’d understand the dilemma).  No, the half time show would have been FUN, but if they wanted to go to the cheerleading competition they definitely could have (until Sue gave them resignation letter, but really, Shue would have let them back the next day).  Well, Quinn and Santana could have.  Brittney would have been killed when Sue fired her out of a cannon so if she was smart (oops) she had no choice but to do the halftime show. 

The Kiss
Oh Quinn, Quinn, Quinn.  We almost started to respect you, the way you handled the tough decisions you made during your pregnancy.  We almost felt happy for you that cute little Sam was so smitten with you, because you’re just so cute together.  And then you go stepping out on your man AGAIN!  Didn’t learn your lesson, did you?  And WORSE: messing with poor Finn’s head again!  He dumped you, and rightly so, you broke his heart.  When Rachel paid you to proposition him back when they were dating, he rejected you AGAIN.  Leave the poor guy alone.

What did you think of these events?  Was there anything else that you hated in this episode?  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Episode: Best One Liners

Glee's Superbowl episode was arguably one of the best to date.  And the one-liners in this episode did not disappoint.  Here are my favorites:

Blowing up Britney
Sue’s idea to shoot someone out of a canon had my stomach in a knot (I don’t know why, it’s not the kind of show that’s all about dismembering teens).  And the fact that she decided to pick on poor feeble minded Britney was especially sad (if logical).  But the best line was Quinn telling Britney, “Don’t worry.  I’ll talk to Mr. Shue about this.

Winding up Puck
After Puck and Rachel finished their duet, when one of the football players said, “The girl with the mohawk has a nice voice,” was pretty good.  But even better was Mark Salling’s acting in the moments that followed.  He smiled and nodded good naturedly as he took the guitar off, then turned on a dime in a rage, starting a rumble between Glee guys and the rest of the team.  Really intense moment.

Brittney Signing Her Name
Britney has some of the best one liners on the show (besides Sue Sylvester).  So when the moment came that Sue finally talked her into signing the release to be fired out of the cannon by telling her that the cannon has 2 baby cannons at home and one on the way, going to go hungry tonight, I was yelling “No Britney, don’t do it!”  I kept hoping someone would step in and stop her but no.  She picked up the pen and started signing her name.  My heart sank  And then she looked up at Coach Sylvester to ask, “How many ms are in the letter r?”  That sinking feeling was gone, haha. 

Walking Out
When the girls had a change of heart (which made very little sense.  They wouldn’t listen to Finn before, then he asked them again and it made all the difference?) it was a proud moment as they turned their backs on the cheerleader’s bus.  So when Sue called after them not to threaten them, but to plead “I have no show without you,” Britney answered, not with vapid stupidity, but very pointedly, “Well.  Sucks to be you.”  I’m so glad she got that line instead of the other two girls who we’d expect to be more surly.  No, Sue was ready to endanger Britney and she got to assert herself.  Excellent.

Any Part of Katie Couric’s Interview
The interview at the very end was just a 5 minute long string of one liners, both from Couric AND Slyvester.  The basic message: “Sue, how are you coping with being number one loser of the year?”  

What were your favorite one liners from the Superbowl episode?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Episode: Most Inspiring Moments

Glee's Superbowl episode was one of my favorites to date.  Which surprised me, since it didn't have much in the way of romance (half the reason I watch the show).  Instead it was all about the cliches learning a little empathy about each other, trying out new roles, and making difficult decisions.  You know, all the stuff that teens would NEVER do in real life.  But that's what made it so riveting. These were my favorite moments during the Glee Superbowl episode. 

Joining Forces...Or Forced Joining
They forced the football team to check out a Glee rehearsal. I never would have thought they would ever do an episode where the teachers decided to teach these rivals to get along. The bullying seemed to be an accepted thing; there was a traditional pecking order to the school. Props to these teachers for attempting the level the playing field. 

"You Have the Power to Change"
Not only did they force the football players to see the Glee kids, but Shue actually reached out to the biggest bully, the one who threatened Kurt's life, forcing him to transfer. That's right, he took Karofsky aside and told him that he had talent. You could see his shell crack under the compliment. He looked completely vulnerable, but too scared to accept the compliment. The longing to take it was soon lost to confusion.

Bailing Out the Boys
This show went back and forth so many times, this crew join forces, causing this crew to split, so this crew joins forces. It was awesome, but I have to admit I was getting confused by the time this happened. Basically, since the football team quit (other than those boys also in Glee club) when they refused to do the halftime show, there were not enough players. So the Glee girls decided to join the team so they'd have enough members. I'm not sure what was in it for them. It's not like the boys had to choose Glee club or football (that happened last season and it didn't go well, actually). I guess the girls just wanted to get in on the teamwork spirit.
Sweet Warbling
The Warblers singing Destiny's Child was the best vocals of the night. I was SO excited when I realized it was Bills, Bills Bills. SUCH a blast from the past, and not one of the best known ones (at least in my opinion). But it was amazing. How was that guy making that "ting a ting" noise? I know Tufts Beelzebubs do the vocals for the Warblers, what say you, fellows? This song was pure joy. And then at the end Blaine made my heart fall into my stomach when he said "We've got Regionals in the bag." Oh, no!

When Tina saw the opportunity to get the football, it was one of those "this is going to be so funny, the girl's going to get it while everyone's looking the other way" predictable moments. But once she actually got up and went for it, they DID chase her. I thought it was unrealistic how fast she ran compared to these trained teenage boys, but it was such an exciting scene. So when she was socked, and didn't move, and didn't get up, it was terrifying. As I said earlier with the canon, this show is not into maiming the kids. On the other hand, was the canon side story a distraction? Was she going to be the first one hurt because it would really teach everybody a lesson about when teamwork breaks down then. They did a great job setting this scene up, and all the events leading up to it, for the biggest impact (no pun intended).

What was your favorite moment during Glee's Superbowl episode?