Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glee's New York, New York Episode: Worst Moments

Oh Glee.  You know I love you.  But why must you open yourself up to SO much ridicule?  I swear you do it just to antagonize the Glee-haters, but it's so much work to defend you sometimes.  And when the "worst moments" outweight the "best moments" in a season finale, you're not making it easy on your fans.  Here are the worst moments in Glee's New York Episode.

Usually I love a good Glee mashup.  But I really didn’t like the New York mashup song.  Maybe it’s because I don’t recognize the original two songs.  It just sounded like a little bit of a mess.  Though I liked the sentiment of it and seeing the cast frolicking.  That fit.  And lol at Santana trying to seduce the cop. 

Jewish Elephants…Am I Missing Something?
“Can we just talk about the Jewish elephant in the room?”
I get it.  Puck is Jewish.  So is Rachel.  Usually reference to this is funny.  Was this supposed to be one of those times?  If so it didn’t work.

Sleepover Fantasy Sequence
Really, Ryan Murphy?  A pillow fight with teenage girls frolicking among the feathers?  REALLY?

Mathew Morrison’s Solo.  Again.
I find Matthew Morrison to be one of the most boring vocalists on the show.  I didn’t really realize it until he sang a song I didn’t know in the Broadway scene.  I dunno why.  I think he’s talented, and cute, but something about his voice just doesn’t do it for me.  Oh, and the last “tonight” he sang, when the music cut out was so painfully robotic.  I know we’re not going to see Autotune leave the show, but come on.

Bella Nolte Cliché
I love how Rachel walked by 4 of her classmates and said, “If only someone would serenade us now” as opposed to something along the lines of, “Hi guys, what are you doing here?”  Not only did she decide not to acknowledge them, she also forgot that they can sing.  What even WAS that?!  And not only that, but when Finn got turned down, they continued the song!  Hahaha, ouch! 

Angels in the Club?
The white frilly dresses SO did not fit the dance or Usher song.  I mean, the vocals on it were impressive and I’d love to know who did the vocals for them.  But I’d have dressed them different. 

Double Standards
Interesting that Rachel assumed just from the barf sound that it was her classmate.  And yet when she found out it was the opposition, she was suddenly smug.  “Shoving your finger down your throat like the rest of your brainwashed Vocal Adrenaline brothers and sisters?”  First of all, if Santana does do it, Rachel should know better that not everyone on her team does.  And second of all, when did eating disorders become hilarious?  Oh, right, around the same time teenage drinking became hilarious; I forgot. 

Dialogue Setup
When Sunshine turned to go, Rachel said, “Where are you going.”
The first thought that entered MY mind: back to my seat, obviously.  Or, “We’re on next.”  Either way, it was a dumb question for Rachel to ask; they’re in their show choir uniforms and performances are going on. 
But what does Sunshine respond with?  “The Philippine Embassy so I can get deported.”

More Bad Costumes
The second song of New Directions set for finals was really fun.  But I didn’t like their outfits either.  I know they’re high school kids, but these dresses are like frilly potato sacks.  They do nothing for their figures at all.  Put them all in shrugs like Lauren’s but give them dresses with a little darting.  And lose the witch boots, ugh.

Set Up for More Heartbreak
It was sweet when Finn told Rachel, “Graduation’s a year away.  Got any plans till then?”  Like he just accepted that this relationship has an expiration date.  If only it were that simple! 

Did you notice:

I’d swear Quinn wasn’t the only one who got a haircut during New Directions’ trip to New York.  When Rachel was with Finn in Central Park her bangs were down into her eyes.  When she was dressed in her show choir outfit they were well above.  If anything that headband should have been pushing them down. 

What is up with Sunshine and Rachel meeting up in the bathroom?  That’s where they sang their epic Telephone duet too.  I knew the whole looking at each other in the mirror bit seemed like been there done that.

Where did Finn get a snow globe to play with in the library?  I <3 NY souvenir? 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glee's New York Episode: Best Moments

It's the season finale for Glee's season 2, so of course there had to be some real gems.  And there certainly were :)  Funny moments, heartwarming moments, and a few of the best songs of the season.  Here are the best moments in Glee's New York Episode.

Rhapsody in Blue
Enough said.  It’s just a great song.  And nice camerawork of the city to enhance it.  Great opener.

Real Voices
How weird was it to hear the cast sing (New York New York) sounding like a regular group of kids in high school who hadn’t warmed up their voices yet instead of a highly produced track.  I accept Auto-tune being used on the show (90% of the time) but this was a rare raw moment. 

Shuester’s newsie hat
Worse than wearing a T-shirt with “tourist” written in bold letters, but he rocked it so I forgive him.

My Cup
And the dropped jaws that resulted.  This from the girl who said her favorite song was “My Headband.”

New York Embraces Rachel Berry: Parts A, B and C
a.  I loved that Patty Lupone was so sweet to Rachel instead of doing a diva-y character : )  “I was in show choir once!  It was my favorite class!” 

b.  That scene of Rachel and Kurt having breakfast at Tiffany’s.  So cute : )  Plus Rachel, Kurt and Blaine going to college in New York…do I hear a spinoff?  PLEASE!?

c.  “You’ve got some big Broadway dream of singing a song on some big Broadway stage.”
“I’m sorry we…”
“You got 15 minutes.”
Aww, first Patty Lupone and then Broadway custodian.  So much for New Yorkers being rude!  They all seem to love Miss Rachel Berry!

Totally Wicked Duet
First of all, Kurt singing Christen Chenoweth’s part when Will is thinking of leaving them to go sing with her is such a cool twist.  It made me so excited for the impending Rachel-Kurt duet that has been lacking for SO long, since Kurt when to Dalton Academy, that I didn’t even mind the fact that Kurt could change the set of Wicked with a flick of his wrist.  In the moment it was less ridiculous than the previous Lady and the Tramp scene with Finn.  I just chalked it up to the magic of the Glee universe.

Quinn Rage
Quinn is the character I love to hate.  With more and more emphasis on the love these last 2 episodes.  WOW.  She’s always got that super-saccharine voice.  So when she completely loses it and starts shouting it’s terrifying!  This is a girl who feels like she has nothing.  A girl who’s been on top at this school and just keeps loses everything.  It’s clear why she keeps having these meltdowns.  She feels like she’s fighting for her life once she feels her status slipping away.  She refuses to stay down.  But that pressure she puts on herself is too much.

That moment when Puck puts the bear hug on Mr. Schue J  It was like To Sir with Love all over again <3

The Song and the Kiss
I loved the original song for Finn and Rachel.  And I didn’t think the kiss was going to cost them the title!  I mean, looking back I guess it was a little much.  But I agree with Finn, that kiss was the Superman of kisses and came with its own cape.  Maybe he didn’t used to see fireworks with her, just Quinn, but I think he saw them this time.  Seems Finn only wants what he can’t have!  As much as I wanted them together, I’m really annoyed with Finn about that.  Good for Rachel saying earlier, “You know what?  Career first.” 

Rose Colored Lenses
Kurt retelling all the drama to Blaine.  And what was with Santana switching over to Spanish?  Does Ryan Murphy think it sounds angrier than English, because I don’t think Rachel (who it was aimed at) or the other kids understood her.  But it was so sweet how content Kurt was to just have the experience : ) 

New Couple
Blaine and Mercedes, aww : )  Thinking back to when he told her at prom that she looked beautiful and asked her to dance.  Yeah, I guess this wasn’t out of the blue.  Although Sam going from being a suspected homosexual to dating Quinn to dating Mercedes…this kid does not have a set “type,” does he?  Even putting race and body type aside; these two girls have very different personalities. 

One of Us
Brittany’s speech on how much she loves everyone in the club.  Aww.  “When did you get so smart?”  Far cry from Artie calling her stupid.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glee's New York Episode: Best One Liners

Glee's season finale for season 2 had them flying to New York City to compete in the regional competition.  As usual, the characters got some great one liners!

In Manhattan
"Do you even know what’s IN a Manhattan?" 
"Yeah, me.  For the first time.  That’s why I want to celebrate with a cocktail."

The City of Love
“We’re in New York.  The city of LOVE.”
“I thought that was Paris.”
Now the reason I loved this one liner isn’t because it reinforced the fact that Puck is dumb.  We get that, and it wasn’t that clever.  I liked this exchange because it was true to JESSE’S character.  “I’m pretty but I’m not dumb.”  He doesn’t have very many lines either, but when he does, they’re not wasted.  I wasn’t a Jesse fan to begin with but he’s winning me over.

Dot your I's.
"They say if you get arrested in a theater you get blackballed for life!"

Thanks, but No Thanks.
“I think I know how to make you feel better.”
“I’m flattered Santana but I’m really not that into that.”
Why is Santana so afraid of coming out; they already know and don’t really care, hehe.

Shuester’s Evil Opposite
a.  "I hate my kids.  I would literally whip them if I could.  Every time I see them ACHIEVING."

b.  "They’re hideous.  My kids are at least attractive; yours look like they haven’t been baked properly."

c.  "You’re tearing up.  People are starting to stare.  I bet they think I just broke up with you." 

And finally, there was just one one-liner that I’m hoping someone out there can explain to me:

I didn’t understand this reference:  “I feel like Eloise,” and Brittany said, “I posed for that.”

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glee's Funeral Episode: Worst Glee Episode Ever.

I'm just going to come right out and say it: this was probably the worst Glee episode ever.

Most people watch Glee for one of two reasons.  Either they are invested in the characters, or they like the songs.  I love Glee for both reasons.  I'm just as happy with a plot-driven episode as I am with an episode that has fantastic songs  But this episode, as far as I'm concerned, had neither.  So for this week's Glee Episodes Online Chat, I submit for you, the top 10 worst moments of Glee's Funeral episode.  

Simon Cowell incarnate

Schue decides to throw out the idea of teamwork and use the idea of favoritism EVEN WHEN THEY POINT IT OUT TO HIM that this is a bad idea.  Now okay, sure, 1. Rachel got the lead last time and was the favorite this time too and 2. Jesse agreed to the original songs idea that gave them the edge.  But still, why did these auditions get so ugly?  Doesn’t everyone already know everyone else’s strengths and weaknesses as a performer at this point?  It doesn’t make sense.  This was purely for cheap shots at Idol, like, “I’m totally ready to give feedback that is both blistering, and unhelpful.”

And what was the lesson Schue learned?  “We go back to what got us here.  We sing original songs, sung by the whole club.”

Let’s go back.  In the first 2 minutes of the episode, Will and Jesse agreed on doing original songs.  So we spent an entire episode and walked away from it realizing we should…do original songs.  Plus, we’re going to do what we did in Regionals?  Will, need I remind you that Jesse’s pick, Rachel, SANG THE SOLO AT REGIONALS?  Again, the whole audition thing: pointless.  And then all the kids kissed each other’s butts once Schue told them he didn’t like the competitiveness.  Yes.  Teaching is that easy.  /sarcasm.

Pointless hacker

Question:  Why Sue and “Honey Badger” Terry Schuester feel they needed bring in a hacker just to type in the Email address and password that they figured out for themselves?!

Answer: For no other reason than this amusing exchange:

Do I get a super villian nickname?
Your name is Panda Express.
But I’m not Chinese.
Neither is the food at Panda Express.

Okay, I admit, that was pretty funny.  Better than Sue snarling about how she was “lactating with rage” at Terry.

Becky tells Mr. Schuester that she wants to be in Glee club.

Will’s thought process, which was verbalized gently, but plainly written all over his face: “Well, you are going to ruin our chance at Nationals, so no.”
That’s nice.  That’s what you wanted for your legacy, right?  A club that brings the music to everyone, accepts everyone, makes everyone feel like a part of something, puts a song in everyone’s heart.  Except for when a little girl with Down’s begs, with tears in her eyes, “Please Mr. Schue?  I just want to belong.”  I guess we should expect that; he had no idea why Sue was willing to include her in the Cheerios way back when. 

Oh, and the REAL kicker?  He tells her “You’re welcome to try next year…”
In his head:  “…once I’m out of here and on Broadway with April Rhodes.”

Not to mention that in a scene not 5 minutes later, Finn says, “Jean was just like us, guys.  We’ve all been an outsider.”

The ONLY, and I mean ONLY excuse he could possibly use, was the fact that he DID audition everyone in Glee.  Except Mike Chang, who I don’t remember but I’m guessing he did a dance number instead of song and Schue allowed it (and am I wrong, but is that NOT what show choir is about?).  So IF he had said, “Becky, you are welcome to audition,” that would have been different from saying, “I’m afraid there just isn’t a place for you.”  SO ironic that he says that and 2 seconds later is the next scene with him charging Sue to say, “You.  Are a TERRIBLE person.”  He totally deserved that emotional punch in the gut when Sue was all, “Thanks for that but my sister just died, please leave me alone.”

Killing off a great character

Sure Jean wasn’t a regular.  But we NEED Jean.  She’s the only thing in the world that reminds Sue how to be a human being.  Now she’ll either be all crazy-evil all the time (which might be kinda awesome, but not as interesting as watching a multi-dimensional character) or she’ll go soft “for Jean,” and her memory. 

Finn’s waa waa I’m not auditioning

Actually…this was the only thing that made sense.  Because he’s right.  He HAS improved, and it sucks that Jesse was so dismissive.  But he IS “Lima good, not nationals good.”  I’ve never been a fan of Corey’s vocals.  Sorry guy, but you had to know that or you wouldn’t have sent in a drum tape instead of a singing one for your audition.  If you’re reading, it DOES make Finn a more interesting character, though.  Rachel, I know you like him, but you shouldn’t have pushed him on this one.  He tried to take a swing at Jesse last week but the wiley little fellow is too quick for those giant limbs to make contact.  And he can’t outsmart him.  The only thing he can beat him at is in a contest of principles, and protesting the auditions is the best way to do that (and he does, when Jesse told them they didn’t have time to have a funeral and Finn asked him, “Seriously?  Like, are you serious…Thank you for your input Jesse, but we’re planning a service for Jean.”).  In fact, Rachel, you’ve said you’ll do ANYTHING to be in the spotlight, we get that about you.  But if you decided for a minute that you really did want to win Finn over, you would boycott the auditions too.  But then you wouldn’t be Rachel anymore. 

The apartment scene with Emaa and Will

This didn’t sit right with me, and I don’t know why.  It just seemed a little too personal for a coworker ex girlfriend to help him pack up his life, and he seemed too cold and casual when he said that was the vest he was wearing the first time they met.  And then the sappy music swelled.  I mean, if he was going to be cold, why say it out loud?  And if we were going to get the sappy music, shouldn’t he be saying it with emotion?  And shouldn’t Emma’s eyes well up instead of telling him to let it go and move on?  Meh. 

Best scene:  Kurt, Finn, and Sue

When the boys came in to tell Sue they understood, this was the best scene.  Kurt’s queenie-aloofness:  “mom’s dead, *mumble*”  And then Sue telling them that she doesn’t know how to deal with this.  That was powerful.  She has NO ONE.  She is so low that she’s telling these two kids that she can’t cope.  Even though she’s always had a soft spot for Kurt (I’ve always seen her use of Lady, and later Porcelain as terms of endearment, though others may disagree with me) since he’d been on her Cheerios. 

Then, in the second scene with these three, she did the same thing.  Telling them that the reason she accepted their help was for her sister.  “I was afraid no one would come.  She didn’t know a lot of people, and I figured if you sang, at least she’d have a full house.”  Because she thought her sister had no one either, except for her of course. 

The Songs

As much as I thought Jesse’s bit was lame and, well, at this point not even timely, I didn’t love the auditions either.  Any of them.  I think it was just the song choices though.  Though Mercedes SHOULD have practiced; Jesse had her pegged there.  And Santana’s song DID seem surface to me (probably because I got so used to emotional songs sung to Brittany).  But when he told Rachel hers was brilliant (and Kurt quipped, She can be difficult but boy can she sing) and Rachel was CRYING (girl, puh-lease, that Finn montage was cheesy, old news, and generic.  There was NO Finncel plot development this week to warrant it) I thought the same as Santana yelled, “This is rigged!”  This whole audition was such an amazing waste of time.  We all knew they could sing, but not one of them brought something new, interesting, or sincerely emotional to their numbers.  Disappointing. 

Chocolate Factory
This was the only imaginative part.  Kurt, master wedding planner did it again with the funeral planning.  I’ve never seen a themed funeral.  It was just a little tacky, but in the Glee world it somehow fit in a creative, personal sort of way.  And when Sue opened with that intensely personal and profound revelation about how her sister isn’t like those of us with Down’s, but that made her MORE special, not lesser, I can’t imagine anyone watching it with a dry eye.  And unlike Rachel’s song/montage, this was creative and insightful.  It took a song that conjures up such visuals that go with the Chocolate Factory movies, and showed us a whole NEW set of mental imagery.  THAT is art, and the only thing that redeemed this episode. 

The Breakup
Oh yeah.  That too.  That was, well, lousy.  The whole Finn forgiving Quinn for having Puck’s baby but not forgiving Rachel for kissing Puck thing made no sense all season, and now this out of the blue breakup was equally slap-dash.  Sue losing a beloved sister made him think that…what?  He wouldn’t be that sad if Quinn died? 

Again, the only redeeming part of this scene was how “Quinn” Quinn was.  The way she tried manipulating him into not dumping her, the fixation on prom king and queen as if that’s the answer to all her problems, the rage when she told him “Don’t touch me,” and the anguish at losing control of the direction her life is turning.  It was like 2 seasons of Quinn rolled into 2 minutes. 

To Sum Up:
The biggest problem with this episode:  It felt like a bunch of scenes slapped together.  I felt like they were just killing time before the finale with Nationals.  No plot development, no good songs.  All that was accomplished was that we lost Jean, and OUT OF THE BLUE, Finn dumps Quinn.  What a waste.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Worst Moments

In this episode, most of what I called “worst” was actually kind of great.  Whether it was reaffirming why a character deserves my hatred, or suspended the plot for the sake of a great musical number, even though they were the worst moments I wouldn’t have wanted them to be done any differently.  

Kurt looking totally bored, and even annoyed with Blaine and the warblers. 
I mean, good for him for not mooning over the guy after he rejected him, but it still seemed a little odd.  He said that their number was “nothing new.”  I disagree; I loved the percussion they added, I thought that part WAS new.  I dunno, maybe I’m cool with Blaine getting all the solos because I know the actual vocalists (The Beelzebubs of Tufts University) aren’t shown on screen.  So I’m over it; none of those other on screen faces will be featured.

Quinn’s inner monologue
It’s no wonder why I hate her.  Her priorities are foreign to me, and she seems to not understand how much women can achieve.  Here she is thinking, “You’re smarrrrt, and super PRETTY, and relatively SANE for a girl.”  And then later, “Prom queens live, on average, 5 years longer than regular people.”  Wow.  So that’s how she justifies her priorities.  Longer life span?  Aye yi yi.   

This is a Kangaroo Court!
It cracks me up how froo-froo the private school boys act.  Here they are arguing over whether they should wear their traditional blazers or go wild and crazy and wear red with blue piping instead of blue with red piping.  OUTRAGEOUS.  Why do the writers make the Dalton schoolboys so flat and stereotypical?  It makes it a little TOO predicable that Kurt won’t be there forever.  There will be no missing the Warblers when they’re finished on the show (other than their music, of course). 

Kurt as the chosen one
So great for us Kurt fans, but it was totally out of the blue that they all accepted Kurt as the one to sing with Blaine.  I get that they’re all Blaine lackeys, but really?  The Blaine-butt-kissing goes so far that they don’t even ask to audition when he says he wants to sing with Kurt?  Or is part of it, as Finn said earlier to Kurt, “I don’t think I can sing to a dude.”

Wasn’t I the one who supported Rachel’s crazy original song idea?
Yeah, that was cool, by the way.
Poor dumb Finn as usual.  Didn’t see a red flag that his always conniving love interest publically supported an idea that she believes to be crazy. 

“It’s called Big Ass…Heart”
First of all, I’m not exactly sure why Lauren liked this song better than Fat Bottomed Girls.  Yes, it’s a compliment to be told you have a “big heart.”  But it was pretty clear that that’s not ALL this song was about.  “When she shops for groceries, her heart gets its own cart…When that big ass heart flies coach it has to pay for 2 plane tickets.”  It was a really fun song, and I really enjoyed it.  I just don’t understand her reaction. 

“I’m sorry Kurt, this must be really upsetting.  It reminds you of your mom’s funeral, doesn’t it?
Give me a break!  He just compared…not just the death of a human to one of a bird, but the boy’s MOM?!  Blaine, REALLY!?

What were your least favorite moments?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Best Moments

This was a fantastic episode.  It better be, because it was the final before their (MUCH too long) hiatus.  Here are my favorite moments of the Original Song episode.

Kurt admitting that he’s jealous
Even though it seemed odd for me when Kurt criticized Blaine for hogging the solos, I give him props for admitting it. 

Rachel’s second song writing attempt. 
First, Rachel calls Finn back in to hear it, and she hands him a box of tissues, “Just in case.”  LOVE her confidence.  Especially when he basically told her to get a life the last time.  Then the song’s conclusion, that she’s “the only Berry on my family tree,”  Had me laughing.  And finally, if the chorus didn’t give it away she explains to Finn, “It’s called Only Child.”  “Yeah, I got that.”

Although I thought it was a little odd the way Kurt lost it over the canary dying, I looked past it because I feared the other Warblers would think he was a jinx for killing their mascot.  And his line, “I know we need to practice doo-opping behind Blaine,” was classic catty-quippy Kurt.  Again, I was disappointed he criticized the guy he’s crazy about (especially publically!) but that beautiful solo it lead to made up for it.  How I’ve missed Kurt solos!  And it was so pretty, even in his alto range.  He hasn’t sung that low since Melancamp. 

The Blaine-Kurt kiss
Finally!  I love that Kurt said, like, nothing.  Just drank in Blaine’s touching speech.  So sweet. 

Schue asked the kids what their favorite song is.  The kids rattle off many classics, and Brittany offers:  “My headband.”  “And what are all these songs about,” Will asks? “Headbands.”  How can you not love Brittany? 

“Do you want to know how this story plays out?  I get Finn; you get heartbroken.”
And then Quinn goes on to say how they will have mundane lives and all Finn will amount to is taking over stepdad’s tire shop.  Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with owning a shop; I think Burt is a successful guy, but can’t Finn have and attain his OWN dream?  He’s not bright but he has a way with people.  Rachel sees that and fosters it.  Quinn just uses  him.  No likey.  At least she alludes to the fact that Rachel’s destined for bigger things.  And she almost sounded like she was giving her advice on how to find happiness.  But still ouch.  One of the most powerful moments of the episode, I loved it.  Quinn is one of those characters you just love to hate. 

The judges
I cringed SO MUCH when they showed the nun and conservative!  Sue had just said she created a songlist tailored for them.  So suddenly I had the rest of the show written in my head.  Here’s the outline for my never to be written fan-fiction:
  • Aural Intensity sings lots of songs about Jesus.  The judges love them.
  • The Warblers come on stage and Blaine and Kurt sing a tender duet, exchanging meaningful looks, and the judges rant about how wrong it was.
  • The New Directions song goes okay, but when they find out about the unfair treatment of their former classmate Kurt, they protest.  Maybe quit the competition, or something.  Maybe even Sue quits too, because Sweet Porcelain is the only kid other than Becky that she seemed to like at McKinnley. 
  • I get sad that the New Directions performance was going to be overshadowed by, well, non music type subplot taking over.  Even though it would be cool to see them reach out to Kurt like that.
Well, in the 2 minutes it took me to come up with that storyline, Aural Intensity’s song about Jesus was over, and we learned that Sue was wrong, and she did NOT have a majority of pious judges.  Nun and former exotic dancer?  Haha.  I kind of love it when I’m wrong.  This show does an awesome job of keeping me guessing.  (Though I was right about the Jesus song.  And the nun DID sort of pick on the “gay school, or school that appears gay.”  Kathy Griffin’s character did too, obviously.)

L is for gLeek
Kurt whipping out the foam loser fingers was pretty much the highlight of the show.  The whole audience doing the gLeek loser fingers, wow.  What a fun logo and subsequent product placement THAT was!  And then Mike Chang (by the way, why does everyone have to refer to him by first and last name on the show?  They’ve even got me doing it now) wheels out the Slushie cart.  It took me a moment to get the joke, but WOW.  Really clever. 

The win
Obviously.  Rachel hopping around, Sue looking like she sucked a lemon (and subsequently punched the presenter).  The “loser” kids being vindicated and enjoying victory after wanting it so badly.  Yay. 

Rachel got her star. 
And by unanimous vote, wow.  The two things she’s always wanted.  Acceptance from her peers, recognition for her talent, and the symbol that she’s always associated with it.  Very touching.  She didn’t get the guy, but what she did get was pretty huge.  And I really like that.  The show is mostly about romantic relationships, and I do feel invested in them.  But it was pretty great seeing that that’s not the be all and end all when it comes to high school life.  

What were your favorite moments?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glee's Original Song Episode: Funniest One Liners

“I’m going to write an awesome original heterosexual song”
This made me chuckle.  Santana just has a way with words, and can make anything sound angry and funny.

“I don’t even remember putting that in there”
Maybe Brittany should start making a note of when she does and does not fill her locker to the top with dirt?  Or just look over her shoulder to see if Sue’s standing there with a smirk. 

Wait what’s it called? 
“Trouty Mouth”
This song is HILARIOUS.  So sultry, but offensive.  And Sam’s so horrified!  Then Mike looks over at him suppressing a laugh.  This was even more awkward than “Fat Bottomed Girls.”  At least Lauren seems proud of her curves.  Sam is self conscious through and through. 

"Whoa.  Scary Quinn.  All right." 
She so deserved that.  Although I have to say, as much as I hate Quinn, and hate that now she’s using Finn for the prom couple votes the way she used him for a baby-daddy, I have to agree with her on one point.  Secret relationships?  No thank you.  Sparing some other girl’s feelings?  It does the opposite.  And it says bad things about Finn’s commitment.  Not that I want him to be with Quinn, but still.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Cut her loose already.

“My hairdresser (Shatnerian pause) is a gay.  And he’s been with his partner for 15 years, and he is also (pauses again) a hairdresser.” 
Pretty sure this is a very old joke, but the delivery of it was cute.

"I had to Twitter that Obama’s a terrorist." 
"Oh no you didn’t!"
I love that they put Kathy Griffin, a gay icon, in this conservative role.  The irony made it ten times funnier than if they had a randomer.  The only way this could have been better was if Tina Fey had been available. 

“My husband is verbally abusive and I have been drinking since noon.  I’m bored, let’s just see who won, huh?”
Way to build up the moment!  I love that it’s become a running joke that the Regionals judges and staff either don’t care AT ALL about the proceedings, or they focus on everything but the singing ability of the groups.  Here the kids are, caring SO much, and it just goes so show, winning doesn’t matter.  It’s the journey.  Oh crap, now I’m quoting the Schue.